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Released: 2004
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

This blockbuster double DVD from John Mason contains 24 ten-minute scenes of solo girl action. In most scenes the girls introduce themselves then undress and spend the rest of the time fucking themselves with a dildo or two. With so many girls there's something for everyone, with some girls getting quite worked-up.

The inclusion of grannies Libby Ellis and Steph Dumont may surprise some, as will the truly huge Sharon; these may have been better kept to a more specialised programme. The cover also contains the claim 100% British. Come, come John, there's at least half a dozen foreign girls here including cover girl Liga, but that's not a complaint, just an observation.

Usual top JM camerawork and it is, as the box also says, a collectors edition.

Disc 1

  • Tammy is in the bath, introduces herself to camera then proceeds to shave her legs, pussy and pits. Suitably smooth, she gets out and vigorously dildos herself on the bathroom floor.
  • Teoni undresses on a bed then uses a double-pronged red dildo on herself, pours oil between her legs then double penetrates herself with two dildos.
  • Zoe on a bed, she undresses and oils herself before penetration with a double-pronged dildo.
  • Cheryl is very chatty as she poses in a corner of John's office, giving a running commentary as she reveals each of her bits as she undresses. Then she lines up a dildo, butt plug and oil before using them on herself. Only after a dp and some vigorous wanking does she shut up and look horny. Now personally I find Cheryl (or Lynne) one of the sexiest women performing today, but watching this is like watching Delia Smith do porn, with each bit explained and laid out on a plate. Please, Cheryl, talk to me about poetry, nature or Africa, but just grunt during sex.
  • Alison, on bed, undresses and uses red dildo in athletic poses.
  • Terri strips down to her stockings on a bed then uses a red dildo on herself.
  • Sharon is a huge woman, quite the largest I have seen in a UK production. Strips and uses a purple dildo on herself.
  • Rosa, red-headed European model, strips nude on bed and uses a dildo in her pussy and bum.
  • Michelle, who sounds American, is naked on a bed with just her pink dildo for company.
  • Tilly is on a bed with and uses a blue double-pronged dildo on herself.
  • Kinky Kerry gets naked on a bed with a very large pink dildo. A second dildo first doubles-up in her pussy then her arse.
  • Natalia has a black/silver dildo which soon disappears into her pussy as she writhes on a bed, she then adds a second dildo in her arse.

Disc 2

  • Chloe, who is French, is chatty, sexy and continues to talk to the camera while she fingers herself then uses a silver dildo on herself.
  • Caitlin undresses on a bed, then uses a pink dildo on herself, oils her bum, then uses a second green one there and finishes with a dp.
  • Liga is a tall slim blonde, probably European, who gets very dirty on a bed with a silver dildo.
  • Hayley, in short dark hair phase, is on a bed licking a pink double digit dildo before pushing it up her pussy for the rest of the scene.
  • Dawn Slater sits on a big red sofa dressed in latex-look basque and choker, which she keeps on throughout. She uses a large pink dildo on her pussy while she talks dirty, then adds a ribbed dildo up her bum for a dp.
  • Steph Dumont, despite being nearly 65, turns in a very hot performance. She removes her undies then attacks both holes, managing to get a fluid filled butt plug completely inside her pussy.
  • Keeping with the over-sixties theme, Libby Ellis is next up. She uses plenty of baby oil and two dildos to fill both holes.
  • April, on a sofa, attacks her pussy with a double-digit illuminated blue vibrator to which she adds a black wired vibrator up her bum giving herself a good time in the process.
  • Young Ruby, filmed in her own bedroom, attacks her pussy with a fluorescent pink dildo.
  • UK-based American Eden strips in a Mediterranean garden giving herself a good finger fucking with plenty of oil.
  • Tracy, naked on a grey sofa, uses a large purple vibrator in her pussy.
  • Paris, naked on a bed, uses a purple vibrator on herself.

Review by Bayleaf

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