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Notes: Seventeen
Alternate Titles
  • Teenage Home Video 3: Jane's First Time
Notes and Reviews

Seventeen compilation.

  • Skinny blonde, possibly British, solo
  • Naomi St James, solo, dildo
  • Maria Glasgow, two men
  • Lisa Stretton, solo
  • Unidentified mouse-haired wearing a baseball mitt initially uses hot dog, banana, etc. on herself
  • Laura Turner and male
  • Lorraine Ansell solo
  • Skinny brunette with banana and other fruit and vegetables
  • Tiffany Walker with Lee Francis, supposedly a friend of her father's whom she invites in to wait for her dad. Sex scene - stills abound on net - red couch set. English sound. Finally discovered by returning father.

Middle_Aged_Dutchman's view:

The girls in this film are supposed to act out their first sexual experiences. The video has been named after Tiffany Walker, who is called Jane here.

Most Seventeen videos (and this one too) have continuous background music (somewhat like meditation music or a rather weak Pink Floyd instrumental). The moaning of the girls' orgasms has been mixed into the music and is clearly audible.

Scene 1 - A blonde girl undresses and masturbates, lying on a bed. The bed looks familiar: Tiffany Walker uses it in three other Seventeen videos.

Scene 2 - A brunette sitting in a chair (Naomi St James) bares her breasts and her pussy. She masturbates. After having removed her knickers she puts her fingers into her bum and her pussy simultaneously. She goes on masturbating with a strap-on dildo for a few minutes, but finally prefers her fingers to finish the job with.

Scene 3 - A black-haired girl (Maria Glasgow) with two boys. One of them is wearing a collar with a chain, but nothing is being done with the slave theme. Both men shag the girl in several positions and eat her pussy. She performs blowjobs and handjobs on them. The men squirt their sperm over her body.

Scene 4 - Short scene of a girl with blonde curls (Lisa Stretton) masturbating. I always wonder if a girl who is on screen for only a few minutes isn't disappointed that so little of her shot has been used.

Scene 5 - A dark blonde girl with a baseball cap, a Seventeen t-shirt and shorts walks around the pitch. Then she's coming home and sits down upon a bed. She takes off her cap and produces a sausage. She licks the sausage, then gently rubs her tits with it. She takes off her shorts, pulls aside her knickers and masturbates with the sausage. She peels a banana, licks it and rubs her tits and her navel with it, the sausage still in her pussy. Then she replaces the sausage with the banana. She licks the sausage and the banana together. Strips off her knickers and masturbates with a cucumber. When she has come, it's the cucumber's turn to be licked.

Scene 6 - A blonde in a schoolgirl uniform (Laura Turner) with a boy. He produces his dick and she blows him, rubbing her pussy in the meantime. With her knickers halfway down, he fucks her with his fingers. After some pussy-eating, two dildos at a time are inserted into her pussy. The scene ends with a blowjob.

Scene 7 - Another brief masturbation scene, this time a brunette with big boobs (Lorraine Ansell).

Scene 8 - A fragile brown-haired girl in a Seventeen t-shirt peels a banana. She brushes her tits with it. She pulls aside her knickers and masturbates with a carrot. Then she removes her knickers and puts a corncob into her pussy. Finally she uses a cucumber.

Scene 9 - The best piece has been saved for the end. Tiffany Walker, in a long grey dress, opens the front door and invites a balding blond friend of her father's (Lee Francis) in to wait for her dad. They sit down upon a couch with a red rug and take a drink. Suddenly they kiss and Tiffany starts to undress, revealing a white body suit and a pair of white stockings up to her thighs. He feels her body and sucks her tits. She produces his dick and blows him. He removes his trousers and she blows him again. He pulls aside her suit, eats her pussy and inserts his fingers, then shags her. Blowjob again, while she masturbates. She removes her suit and they fuck in four positions. At last he squirts his sperm into her face. Suddenly an angry voice - and the visitor runs away. Tiff's father has returned. By the way, you can hear that English is being spoken in this scene, but the words are unintelligible.

Next to the two Ben Dover vids, this scene is Tiff's main claim to fame. There is hardly a site with any considerable amount of Tiffany pictures that does not show some stills from this scene.

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