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Released: 2004
Notes and Reviews

Back at Hadlow Castle Jim finds a black-clad Lara Latex spanking schoolgirl Angel-Long over her knee. Jim whips his cock out, the girls whip just their knickers off and Jim has to choose whom to fuck first. Now there's something unbelievably sexy about a woman naked from the waist down, especially if she's wearing fishnet holdups and leather thighboots, but it's Angel that sinks onto Jim's cock first (quickly followed by Lara). Then, as both girls bend forward offering their pussies to Jim, he realises just how tall the women are in their heels and fetches a case to stand on while he fucks them in turn. More general sharing before the action moves to the sofa and Jim sticks with Angel until the end of the scene, giving her arse a good fuck. Ends with a facial and a fag.

Although introduced from the banks of the Thames, the second scene with young Sophie was more than likely filmed abroad. Pretty blonde Sophie is already in the flat when Jim removes her pants and attacks her pussy. Oral sex leads to penetration on the sofa in most positions then she removes her dress altogether and permits Jim to fuck her up the bum in reverse cowgirl and doggy.

Ashley Long is in the back of Jim's car counting her fee. She's taken to their studio/flat where Ashley changes into her schoolgirl outfit and high heels, which make her so tall she needs to duck through the doorway! There's a long build up to sex with Ashley flashing her naked pussy at the camera and Jim smacking her bum before she lowers herself onto his cock as he sits on the sofa. Although Ashley unbuttons her shirt to show off her tits, she keeps it on along with her skirt, tie and black stockings. More sex and spanking on the bed and around the flat standing, sitting and lying down. Finally Jim fucks Ashley's arse on a desk and briefly back on the bed before coming over her arse.

For the last scene Jim returns to Hadlow to find Tyrelle waiting for him. Wearing just a green boob tube, denim skirt and red fishnets, Jim soon has her pink pants off and her super tits out. Oral sex is quickly followed by cowgirl sex on the bed and the camera lingers on Tyrelle's pussy as her juices flood over Jim's cock. The rest of the action is quite vigorous by Jim's usual standard, but pretty much confined to the big bed. After Jim pulls out and cums over Tyrelle's pussy she waves goodbye to the camera.

Another good, no-frills production from Jim and cameraman Gerry, who understand that women generally look much sexier wearing just a few clothes than fully nude. Despite the same premise as the previous four volumes viz: old git pays nubile nymphets to shag him, there is enough variety and top talent getting the shagging here to keep our interest. Angel and Ashley as schoolgirls, Tyrelle's smile and gushing pussy and pervy Lara Latex all in black, sans skirt and pants, bending over for a fuck. Magic.

Review by Bayleaf

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