< Johnny Rebel's Lesbian Lovers 2 R18 DVD available

Released: 2004
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Lesbian Lovers 2
Notes and Reviews

Another mega helping of John Mason's girl-girl scenes.

Young Kyla and Kat get together in John Mason's spare room. Not much chemistry between these two, who simply go through the (albeit dirty) motions. Includes a double dildo and anal for both girls.

Sarah and Caitlin get together in a hotel room, undress each other with some licking, then Caitlin uses a space-age vibrator on Sarah, who returns the favour with an orange one.

Three girls, Claire, Sandie and Shaz, are up for a laugh here. Plenty of dildo action and pussy licking before the girls try and make a large red double-ended dildo vanish. Sandie and Shaz share the monster, leaving two or three inches between their legs, before Claire replaces Sandie and she and Shaz take 11 inches of bendy plastic cock each. More dildos go up fannies and arses during the rest of the scene.

Bev and Alyssa are in the Midlands at Calvin's place. They strip naked and pleasure each other with a range of small dildos in all orifices.

Caitlin returns with Jenny Loveitt. Both girls are quickly naked and Caitlin forces two generously-sized dildos up Jenny's pussy and bum. Jenny returns the favour with the black beast in Caitlin's pussy and a more conservative sized one for her arse.

Sandie starts with Katie at a much slower pace, much kissing on the lips and tits as the girls undress then, after a naked 69, use small and medium vibrators on each other before kissing to finish. The first scene to match the title.

Grannies Steph and Libby get to grips with each other as, stripped to their stockings on a bed, they double-dildo each other without much personal interaction.

By contrast Kellemarie and Dawn start by languorously kissing each others bodies, then Kelle drops a big gob of saliva into Dawn's wet pussy. Deep licking in 69 follows as the girls give very realistic performances. These girls have no trouble hiding a large double-ender in their pussies. After a snog, the scene hardens as Dawn pumps a dildo into Kellemarie doggy and she returns the favour. Scene ends with snogging, fingering and writhing as Kelle maintains her bid to become the sexist female on the planet. Great scene.

Tilly, Kelly and Katie start kissing on the lips then progress to kissing all over. Plenty of gentle sucking leads to some dildo action in a small daisy-chain, but most of the time the girls have their lips planted firmly on each others.

The programme clocks in just under three hours with most of the nine scenes best described as girl-girl, then the final two scenes scorch the screen. Kellemarie and Dawn turn each other on in a way you just can't fake (at least without careful make-up) as a pink blush suffuses Kelle's throat and chest. This is follwed by a gentle threeway with newcomer Kelly, Katie and the permenantly superb Tilly. Worth the money for the last two scenes alone.

Review by Bayleaf

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