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Released: 2004
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Lesbian Lovers 3
Notes and Reviews

John Mason serves up another cornucopia of scenes featuring 18 girls. A few scenes are simply the girls going through the motions; in others there seems to be some real chemistry as the performers get into each other. Only these can be truly described as lesbian lovers. Nine scenes and over three hours of viewing pleasure with some new girls thrown in. Great value, good film.

In the first scene Tilly and Katie, in little black dresses, have obviously read the script and start with a full-on snog. They slowly get out of their clothes as they continue to lick, kiss and pant. Then they reach for the dildos - 69 with a pink one each. All smiles and giggles to end. Katie, in particular, seems to enjoy her girl-girl scenes while Tilly loves sex with all her partners.

By contrast blondes Sandie and Teoni get very dirty very quickly. Both girls have their hair plaited a-la schoolgirls and Sandie seems to have borrowed Johnny Rebel's bandanna. The pair wear the tiniest of tiny underwear and are quickly into 69 with a dildo in each other's pussies. Two at a time mix and match dildos for the girls' pussies and bums, but all the action is mechanical and centred on the girls' orifices so there's not much chemistry or kissing here.

The third scene features the exotic mix of Anais and Mimi who get stripped off fairly quickly, then it's dildo action all the way as the girls choose different tools from a wide selection on the bedside table. In the pussy, in the bum, double penetrations then a chaste kiss to finish.

The fourth scene is tit heaven as Jessica and Joanne pull off their t-shirts to reveal their fantastic boobs. Slow kissing and licking continues as they strip on the bed. Eventually the girls get the toys out and use them in each other's pussies moving to 69, but the action is slow with the emphasis on mutual pleasure.

Debbie and Hayley are naked in the Portuguese sunshine. Lots of licking and kissing then a couple of little pink dildos come out - and quickly go back in! Double dildo for Debbie. Nice to see the girls rolling about straight on the grass at John's villa.

Porn heavyweights Bobbie Eden and Janca do all the right things with their tongues and fingers, undressing and writhing around on a bed. They undress with lots of licking, kissing and heavy breathing. Mutual and solo dildos done in a professional, but not very satisfactory way.

Lucy and Lynx start with a little light mouth to mouth kissing as they undress. Lucy tries a knobbly dildo on Lynx then she gets out a florescent pink double-ender which the girls manage to hide completely. There's plenty of satisfying squelching noises, especially in doggy where the girls go buttock to buttock and take the whole length between them. A little more dildo use in 69 before a kiss and a wave goodbye.

Roxanne and Red start pretty hot, then start to heat up! Deep tongue lashing is followed by rubbing and pussy licking which seems to get both girls more than usually excited as they strip naked on the sofa. Eventually Roxanne uses a dildo on Red, then she returns the favour. No multiple dildos, just a bit of old-fashioned girly chemistry make this scene a real turn-on.

Finally it's party time with Donna, Katie, Sandie, Mandy and Jessica all on the sofa in their underwear. The usual kissing and fondling soon moves to dildos with Jessica getting the early attention. All the girls get their pussies plundered with plastic. Nothing too hard, but it soon gives rise to some flushed faces and necks for Donna and Mandy.

Review by Bayleaf

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