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Released: 2004
Director: John Mason
Notes: Slik
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Running time: 100 mins.

John Mason has assembled eight British girls plus Anais and the Belgian Janca for five scenes of girl-on-girl action. Two of the scenes were shot under the blazing Mediterranean sun, two in the familiar blue Rebel bedroom and Vicki and Anais performing on the kitchen work tops.

Hayley and pale blonde Kimberley start the proceedings sitting on the grass in the shade of some trees, tweaking and twisting each other's nipples. The girls, especially Hayley, seem very conscious of the camera, glancing and looking as they go down to lick each other's pussies. Hayley pours body oil over Kimberley, working it well in between her legs and ending with a couple of fingers in her fanny. A purple vibrator is pushed squelching into Kimberley's pussy as she uses a small pink toy on Hayley. The girls 69 with grass sticking to their oily bodies, then toy and play with each other till they cum.

The first of the bedroom scenes has Lynx and Janca sitting on the bed. They remove their bras and Janca sucks on Lynx's nipples to get them hard and erect. She then slides down her body to bury her head in pussy. Lubing up a pink vibrator, Janca runs it round Lynx's pussy then jabs it hard and deep into her wet hole. Unfortunately someone has forgotten the batteries. Slipping off her green skirt, Janca goes down on all fours, lifting her leg slightly so Lynx can lick her lips. Janca hands Lynx a curved toy with a knob on the end and this is sent humming up Janca's cunt. The girls continue to tongue and toy each other, Lynx's body trembling as she orgasms.

Beside a backdrop of palms Poppy and Tilly grab and grope at each other's boobs then pull down their bikini bottoms for action. Unlike Hayley and Kimberley, Poppy and Tilly are quickly engrossed in each other and totally oblivious to the prying camera. Tilly tongues and fingers at Poppy's pussy then lies back with her legs apart so her clit can be sucked and licked. The girls 69 and the minge munching intensifies. Poppy slips a fluorescent green toy into Tilly's damp snatch and takes a more conventional white vibe in her own, but the girls prefer fingers and mouths. Poppy sits on Tilly's face, Tilly's tongue dancing in and out of her slot. She then goes between Tilly's legs as she flips and rolls her hips. Both girls exhausted and soaking wet, they kiss.

Leaning on the kitchen bench, Anais removes Vicki's white lace top to play with her boobs. Vicki strips Anais and gets her to sit on a kitchen stool so she can lick at her smoothly shaven pussy before taking off her own knickers to have her clit and cunt fingered. The girls swap positions and Anais kneels, her tongue flicking and lapping at Vicki's lips. Moving to the floor Vicki slides a couple of fingers into Anais, these are then replaced by a speckled vibrator which is slowly worked in and out. A curved blue toy is used on Vicki making her wriggle and squirm. Perched back on the stool, Anais stretches her legs up on the work tops and her pussy is licked till she gasps with pleasure. She then goes down on Vicki, working away with her mouth till she orgasms.

Kneeling on the bed, Jessica and Scotti take off their bras and rub their tits together as they kiss. Scotti pulls down her black knickers to let Jessica lick and finger fuck her fanny. With Jessica's panties off the pair 69, Scotti fingering her arse as she is sucked. Laughing and giggling, Jessica does the same. The girls each pick a toy to use on the other, taking the dildos deep into their wet holes. Down on all fours, Scotti pushes her finger back into her bum as Jessica slides the toy back and forth in her pussy. The girls then wank themselves to an orgasmic state, Scotti moaning and Jessica shuddering and arching her back as she cums.

Lesbian Sluts got off to a slow start with Hayley and Kimberley looking as if they were unsure about what they were doing. The rest of the film though had hot girl-on-girl action from the rest of the cast and this made up for the indifferent beginning. If you are a Johnny Rebel fan then this is a must for your collection. For the general viewer there are very few pictures which feature so much British talent and it make a good night's watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view (February 2006):

Hayley & Kimberley
The film opens with the girls, naked as nature intended, in the familiar surroundings of a Portuguese Villa. The girls briefly use some sunscreen oil before Kimberley is pushed back onto the grass and Hayley pushes a good sized dildo into her pussy. There is some satisfying squelching from Kimberley's pussy for both the viewer and Kimberley herself, who always reacts well to something inside her. Then a second, smaller, dildo finds Hayley's crack and the girls move to 69 until the end of the scene.

Janca & Lynx
Back home, Janca & Lynx square up to each other on a bed. The girls undress each other, kissing each other's nipples and mouth. Lynx gets first go with a pink dildo as she lies on her back, then Janca gets a long and slim grey vibrator from behind. Mutual dildo use continues in 69, then the girls lie alongside head to toe to finish themselves off before a tongue to tongue lashing ends the scene.

Poppy & Tilly
Returning to the Portuguese sunshine, Poppy and Tilly are naked on the blue striped cushions, ferociously licking and rubbing each other's pussies. A little dildo action in the middle of the scene, but this is mainly finger and tongue action which sees both girls reasonably excited.

Vicky & Anais
In John's kitchen Vicky and Anais snog each other before undressing and rubbing each other's private parts. The mouth to pussy action starts on a stool then moves to the tiled floor. Vicky uses a zebra-striped vibrator on Anais as the two girls lock lips again, then Anais uses a big blue job on Vicky. Some more pussy licking on the bar stool before the scene ends.

Scotti & Jessica
Finally Scotti and Jessica get dirty on a bed. Quickly naked, Jessica attacks Scotti's pussy with her tongue and Scotti returns the favour. Keeping their mouths and pussies clamped together the girls move to 69, then it's out with the dildos and lube as first Scotti then Jessica get their pussies filled. Lots of giggling, rather than gasping, throughout, although Jessica breathes heavily during the last minute or so.

Lots of familiar girls putting on girl/girl shows for John Mason's camera. Not much intensity although plenty of professional enthusiasm in every scene, with the exception of the terrific Vicky Powell whose partnership with Anais does generate visible heat.

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