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Released: 2005
Director: Jerome Tanner
Notes: Legend
Alternate Titles
  • My Hero
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 88 mins.

Michelle Barratt appears with Eva Angelina and Jenaveve Jolie in this plot-based movie involving muggings, kidnapping and girls who practice the ancient martial art of Cocksuki where they can disable an attacker with a single blow job.

It isn't giving too much of the plot away to say Michelle is giving her boyfriend a blow job in a rest room where the kidnappers have hidden a ransom note. With the hero of the film banging away at the toilet door, Michelle has another type of banging in mind. Lifting her tits out of her black and pink bra she settles down to explore the guy's balls with her tongue. After he has licked her pussy, the guy sits on the pan and Michelle positions her pussy and slides down his shaft, her tits jiggling as she bounces. Bending over the cistern, Michelle pulls on her bum cheeks as the guy slips his length into her pussy. The pair move to the hand basin which rocks and wobbles violently with each thrust into her damp love box. Open mouthed, the guy covers Michelle's tongue in cream and she lets it dribble down her chin and drip onto her tits as the door bursts open.

I have to admit the plot is corny and very weak in this film. The basic story of a martial art involving the use of sex to stop your attacker is quite good, but never fully developed. Having said that, the sex scenes are good if a little short. Michelle performed with vigour and at one stage she was bonking so hard it looked as if she was going to pull the sink off the wall. A reasonable film where the plot, or lack of it, got in the way.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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