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Released: 2005
Director: John Mason
Notes: Slik
Notes and Reviews

Del & Janca
Once naked these two tattooed ladies get down to business in John's blue bedroom. Plenty of noisy pussy licking and fingering and nice long vibrators (including an interesting slim curved one for Janca) and lots of groaning, but all rather unconvincing.

Tammy & Tilly
This pair undress each other on John's sofa, pausing occasionally for some pussy and nipple kissing. Usual pattern of 69 and dildo use until as Tilly rams her pink'un into her partner from behind Tammy slips her own model up her bum. Tilly slips underneath to lick Tammy's pussy while the dildo stays in her arse. The girls continue to enjoy themselves in 69 without any fake passion and briefly kiss at the end.

Amie & Susie
Two naked blondes push good-sized dildos up their own and each other's pussies in John's blue bedroom. But the good firm fingering and appreciative groans can't mask the fact that this is just another modelling job for them.

Evie & Jessica
These two pocket-sized sex bombs get together for a little fun in John's bedroom. Once naked they pleasure each other with decent-sized dildos after they've smothered their pussies in lube. The girls use both their holes in a shared and formation dildo display which is quite erotic - although as I watched their slightly thickened waistlines, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was watching a couple of young mums getting together while the kids are at nursery.

Donna-Marie & Roxanne
Quickly naked on John's lounge sofa the girls attack each other's pussies and arses with some gusto and dirty language. Despite firm handling and double dildo penetration the girls' gasps have a hollow ring, with both wishing it was a guy doing the business.

Lots of girls from the John Mason porn factory shot over the past 12 months or so and all have appeared as stills sets on JohnnyRebel.com. Struggling to keep up with supply, this series is released by Slik and it underlines John's never-mind-the-quality-feel-the-width philosophy. Apart from Tammy & Lola all the girls are b/g specialists and there is little attempt to get any g/g chemistry going. That said, it was a real pleasure to see Evie and Jessica performing together at last.

Review by Bayleaf
February 2006

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