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Released: 2005
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Lesbian Lovers 4
Notes and Reviews

On the bed, Janca is quickly out of her underwear, but Gem keeps her polka dot bikini on as Janca fires-up a long silver vibrator and pushes it into Gem. Gem returns the favour with a rabbit and the pattern continues with arm's length contact and an eroticism level of zero.

Dildos galore between Anais, Janca and Keira, but even the presence of Keira can't raise the temperature of this threesome. All nude with some occasional daisy-chaining in John's attic bedroom, but all too mechanical.

Jennifer and Janca go at it on the bed with some erotic intent. Kissing, fingering and 69 before little Jenny takes a generous silver rabbit and then does the same for Janca. Nice stroking and kissing, but I take issue with the dodgy editing, which runs to general gasping on the soundtrack while both girls have their lips firmly clasped around a single purple vibrator.

Jody and Tilly take a little longer to undress then they kiss and lick before introducing a couple of modestly-sized vibrators. Tilly warms the whole session considerably in a scene that relies on sensuous touching more than big toys.

Carolyn and Roxanne start out with a realistic snog as they undress each other on John's sheepskin rug in front of the fire. Although they start in little more than underwear they take their time, eventually introducing vibrators and a double-ender that disappears completely. Scene ends with both girls taking a dildo up the bum.

The bonus scene is a widescreen affair between Demi and Tilly. Back on the bed this develops into a strong dildo session as soon as the girls have each-other's clothes off. Nice double dildo action before the toys are put away and the girls finger each other, squirming and giggling in something approaching genuine delight.

Review by Bayleaf
November 2005

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