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Released: 2005
Director: John Mason
Notes: Slik
Alternate Titles
  • Cheeky Girls 2
Notes and Reviews

First up, Lucy takes some time to undress and caress her body on a sofa before using just the tip of a black dildo that must equal 25% of her body weight. Slim Mika gives her body a long caress before she makes an attempt with the black beast from the previous scene. Mika has much more success as all of the length up to the basal bulge slips up her pussy in a way that satisfies both her and the viewer. Lola is alone under the trees in the Portuguese garden where she gives her pussy a prolonged rub before slipping a slim blue vibrator between her lips.

Back home young Agnis writhes naked on the sheepskin rug in front of John's fireplace before continuing her pleasure with a large fire-engine red vibrator. Didi takes some time to strip on a bed then rubs herself before she becomes the third girl to tackle the black beast, managing most, but not all, its length. Meanwhile Renee is undressing in the dappled garden sunshine and using a little clear plastic dildo on herself in a way that convinces that she's fucking the viewer.

Katerina removes her matching red skirt and pvc bra and pants in John's kitchen, before lying across the work surface and pleasuring herself with a pink'un. Next, Yasie is another girl who takes some time to slip out of her skimpies before allowing the viewer a long time to admire her near-perfect figure. Eventually she uses a smaller blue dildo to modest effect. Lilli undresses in an untidy bedroom and quickly introduces a decent sized lilac vibrator into her pussy for a quick pounding. Finally, cool Olivia undresses and writhes naked on the same bed as Didi appeared on. After a little while she introduces a very flexible clear blue double-ender into her pussy, but gets little more than the tip in before she waves goodbye to the camera.

Unlike volume one, there is no talking to the camera here, but the girls perform well enough. Special mentions for the sheer class of Renee, sex appeal of Katerina (I've seen this girl take on 10 guys in a scene) and Mika for sheer effort.

Review by Bayleaf
February 2006

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