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Released: 2005
Director: Nick Orleans as Zee Ro
Notes: Bad Seed
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 115 mins.

Poppy Morgan appears alongside five American girls in this film dedicated to girls who take cum in their cunts. All the scenes except Poppy's are boy/girl, but this sex mad Brit wants pussy as well!!

Poppy appears with Tory Lane in scene 2 which is shot in a mustard coloured room with a large leather sofa. The two girls kiss and caress each other, Poppy pulling down Tory's lilac top to get to her tits then sliding down her body to suck at her smoothly-shaved mound. Poppy removes her own white T-shirt as Tory scoops fingerfuls of juice from her fanny. Alex Roxx appears, his dick standing to attention. The girls fill their faces, Poppy swallowing his length and banging his balls on her chin. Poppy lies back to be fucked missionary while beside her Tory stuffs her pussy full of fingers before running her swollen lips over Poppy's face. The girls swap places, Tory sucking between Poppy's leg as her pussy is pounded. Moving to ride Alex reverse cowgirl, Poppy rocks her body back and forward with a cock implanted in her cunt. Alex sticks his dick back in Tory, humping her till her squirts his load. Poppy lies underneath to catch the drips then tongues out every last drop of cream.

Whilst the performances and action were quite good the same cannot be said about the post filming production. In some of the scenes the colour contrast goes haywire making the girls look pink and blotchy and the editor has been playing with the special effects making the picture zig-zag or spiral both between shots and during the action..... most disconcerting. Even with a 25-minute bonus scene the film can at best be described as average.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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