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Released: 2005
Director: John Mason
Notes: Slik
Alternate Titles
  • Laid in England 3
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 127 mins.

Shot in various rooms around "Johnny's" house, Laid in England features six girls who are ready to be fucked. Pascal and Steve Hooper provide the man meat for the film, with Johnny chipping in for a session with Jo.

Tall blonde Yasie starts off proceedings in a very tidy kitchen. Dressed in a pink blouse and denim skirt, she is joined by Pascal. The boy wastes no time, removing her top he is soon sucking Yasie's firm breasts as his hand wanders into her knickers. Kneeling, Yasie unzips Pascal's pants, his prick springs out into her face and is popped into her mouth. Pascal props Yasie against the work bench, his tongue and fingers investigating her pussy. With her leg outstretched on the hob, he slides his cock into her wet hole. Bending over the sink Yasie is entered from behind, Pascal running his cock over her pussy lips before hammering away. The two end on the floor for some dick riding, Yasie's blonde locks falling over her boobs as she bounces. Pulling out, Pascal fires his load over Yasie's face and mouth.

Lucy and Didi are sharing a bed with Steve Hooper. The girls grab and grope at the front of his jeans as he removes his T-shirt then, pulling down his pants, start to lick his shaft. Steve fills his face with fanny while the two dribble and wank his cock. Didi mounts the dick cowgirl, flipping herself back to grind her pussy into Steve's balls. Lucy goes on all fours to be fucked doggy, Didi manoeuvring to lick the pussy juices off Steve's cock. Steve then plants his prick firmly in Didi's pussy as he buries his face between Lucy's legs. The girls swap for a little more shagging, then Steve is ready to cum. He sprays Didi's stomach with jizz and Lucy leans forward to lick the last drop from his head.

Scene 3 has Pascal back in the kitchen, this time with Agnis. Her black dress is quickly discarded as she fills her face with Pascal's prick. Pascal holds Agnis's blonde bunches as her head bobs back and forth and her cheeks bulge with his manhood. Climbing onto the bench, Pascal's tongue flicks Agnis's clit ring. She moans as he slips his fingers into her damp hole. Leaning back, Agnis pants as Pascal's prick penetrates her pussy. She moves to stand on one leg to be taken from behind. As he lies on the floor, Agnis mounts Pascal. With her legs astride him she arches her back to take advantage of his full length. Pascal teases Agnis, running his cock over her mouth as he jerks on the shaft. Collecting some more fanny fluid he lets Agnis wank him off over her face.

Jo is up next with Johnny in a pale lemon bedroom. She starts by giving him a blow job which quickly develops into Johnny hammering away at her pussy, his balls slapping hard on her bum. The pair move to 69, Jo running her tongue along Johnny's cock as he sucks her lips into his mouth. The couple bonk away in various positions but don't spend much time in each. At the end of the scene Jo has a glowing red pussy and it's obvious she had a good pounding.

Big-breasted blonde Chantelle appears last, in the living room in front of Johnny's library of DVDs. With her tits hanging out of her striped white blouse Pascal pulls and tweaks at her nipples before going down to feast on her wet pussy. Slipping four fingers into Chantelle's fanny Pascal stretches open her damp hole. Taking Pascal's cock in her mouth, Chantelle's throat squelches as it slides past her tonsils. To add to her excitement she fills her arse full of fingers as she sucks. Lying on the sheep skin Chantelle eases Pascal into her pussy reverse cowgirl, the pair then roll into spoons. Chantelle wants more and, pulling her cheeks apart, Pascal pushes his prick in her arse. With his cock still in her bot, Chantelle sits herself back upright rubbing hard on her clit till she climaxes. Pascal finishes off in her pussy, pulling out to spray spunk on her tits.

This is an enjoyable film shot in the familiar "Johnny Rebel" style. The new (or newish) girls all did very well and Chantelle at the end put in a hot performance. Perhaps the only slightly disappointing scene was with Johnny and Jo; as soon as the pair got going they moved to something else (the camera work was also a little wobbly in the scene). Don't let this put you off, Laid in England 3 is a good film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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