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Released: 2006
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 130 mins.

Feet are either a big turn on or a huge turn off. In this film Johnny has mixed his normal shagging gonzo style with a little fetish toe play, keeping a foot in both camps. Three of the scenes were shot under the Portuguese sun, but Alexis and Majella have to make do with Johnny's home.

Lucy, in her red checked dress and white stockings, is sitting on a sheet in the garden, Pascal beside her. She bends over and he pulls her white cotton knickers tight into her snatch before slipping his fingers into her pussy. Lucy responds by unzipping his jeans. Her bracelets jangle as she jerks his cock into her mouth. Moving onto all fours, Lucy gently rocks back onto Pascal's prick. The pair roll over into spoons for the pussy pumping to continue. Rubbing her juices over her feet, Lucy gets Pascal on his back to ride him, her knickers halfway down her legs. The session ends with Lucy lying down, using her toes on Pascal, then being filled missionary. He pulls out to spray her stocking-clad feet in cum.

Big-breasted Alexis May kneels on the bed with Pascal in her pale lemon and pink teddy and matching knickers. The two kiss as his hand wanders into her panties. She kicks off her shoes and Pascal sucks at her toes. As she lifts her top, her heavy boobs flop forward and he moves up to nibble her nipples. Alexis drops her knickers and runs her toes over Pascal's dick. He dives between her legs to feast on fanny. With a soft moan, Pascal pushes his manhood into her pussy and her tits wobble in time to his rhythmical thrusts. Alexis pulls on her bum cheeks as she slowly sinks down Pascal's shaft for a ride. After tasting her pussy from his cock she remounts reverse. Pascal squeezes her tits together as the pair bounce. Going onto her hands and knees, Alexis sandwiches Pascal's cock between her feet and wanks it. He then enters her pussy from behind. Ready to fire he sprays the soles of Alexis' feet.

Majella appears in Johnny's living room on his cream leather sofa in her sexy black split-crotch knickers, bra and stockings. Pascal rubs her swollen pussy lips as the pair kiss. Majella fondles Pascal's cock with her nylon-clad feet then turns to take him deep in her mouth. Pulling down her stockings, Pascal licks Majella's toes, his saliva-covered cock is wanked between her feet. Majella gasps as Pascal pops his prick into her pussy doggy and pounds away. Laughing, she mounts him reverse cowgirl, her bright pink pussy lips grabbing his shaft as she slides up and down. Majella props her bum skyward against the sofa to be pile driven. Pascal pulls her up and the pair fall back giggling into cowgirl on the sofa. The scene ends with Pascal covering Majella's feet with jizz, then trying to get her to lick it off.

Blonde Mika sits in the garden, Pascal chewing on her erect nipples as the dappled sunshine plays over her body. The drawstring undone, Mika's bikini top falls to the ground and Pascal fingers her arse and pussy. Removing her white shoes, Pascal forces Mika's foot into her mouth then runs it against his balls. She leans forward, wrapping her lips around his shaft and slowly swallowing it. Pascal wanks his wet cock between her feet before taking her from behind. A little more sucking and foot fucking and Mika slips his dick into her pussy for some riding, then turns to be taken missionary. Unlike in the other scenes, Pascal pops his load over Mika's pussy rather than her feet.

The last scene has Renee Richards in a red and white bikini in the pool with Pascal. The pair play and splash as Renee loses her kit. She lifts herself onto the edge of the pool and Pascal buries his face in her fanny. The pair climb out to 69 on the pool side under the lengthening late afternoon shadows. Renee gags as she pushes Pascal's prick past her tonsils then, dropping onto all fours, takes the saliva-covered dick in her pussy. As she stands with one leg on the pool handrail, Pascal takes Renee from behind. He grabs her leg and attempts to suck her feet as the two shag. Pascal lies on the ground to be mounted, Renee bobbing up and down on his shaft. The two roll over and Pascal releases his load on Renee's feet. She pulls up her leg and licks the cream off her toes.

So far as content is concerned Johnny has probably done enough to cater for both mainstream and all but the die hard foot fetishists. The cast he chose all put in good performances. Pascal and Majella really seemed to be enjoying themselves. There are a few small niggles with the film - the titles are all wrong and the outdoor stuff has shots of cameras, strange shadows and a speck of muck which appears on all three scenes. This shouldn't detract too much from what is a decent film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view (March 2006):

This is one of John Mason's occasional themed releases, this time featuring feet. I'm never quite sure whether John sets out on a theme or simply groups some of his output together. In this case I think it's the former.

In the first scene, Lucy is with Pascal in the Portuguese villa garden. Petite Lucy wears a short sundress with white opaque hold up stockings and knickers and her hair is in a pony tail - you know the look. Pascal undresses and gets his cock sucked, then pulls Lucy's pants over her bum and fucks her from behind. Good deep action in cowgirl missionary and spoons as Lucy's pants reach her ankles then around one thigh. Quite a few different positions before Pascal comes over Lucy's stocking-clad feet.

Alexis is having her fanny felt by Pascal in one of John's bedrooms. Pascal slowly removes her shoes, pants and skimpy top before getting a foot wank, then he plunges in, in missionary. Reverse cowgirl, spoons and doggy with short bursts of foot wanking in between and at the end as Pascal comes over Alexis' feet.

Pascal is on the sofa with Majella who is now back in action after a career break. Majella's dark hair is worn in a long plait and she wears black stockings and open crotch pants, which Pascal uses to his advantage, fingering her pussy. Pascal removes the stockings, getting a foot wank as he does so, he then fucks Majella in missionary, doggy and spoons. While Pascal sits on the sofa a giggling Majella lies on the floor for some mutual toe sucking which leads to sex in pile driver. More deep 'n' hard in missionary before Pascal comes over Majella's feet.

For the penultimate scene we're back in the garden with Pascal and Mika. Pascal is already stripped to the waist while Mika wears only a white t-shirt and panties as he fingers her pussy and sucks her toes. Pascal undresses and the pair fuck on the ground, pausing only for a bit of foot wanking in between and finishing with Pascal cumming over her feet.

Finally Pascal gets to fuck Renee Richards in the pool. Pascal is already naked as he removes Renee's bikini. He fingers her pussy and licks her toes as she lies by the pool while Pascal stays in the water. Eventually Pascal leaves the water and fucks Renee on the warm slabs by the pool. Fine 69 followed by doggy and reverse cowgirl, standing doggy and some more adventurous positions including reverse pile-driver as the pair fuck each other in the late afternoon sun. Eventually Pascal is foot wanked to completion. A perfect end to the day which left me feeling that Pascal and Renee would have continued screwing each other even if John had packed his kit and gone off for tea.

John's mildly fetishist productions are almost invariably superior to his standard stuff. The girls tend to keep a few more clothes on and the production line sequence of positions are avoided. Here Pascal is called upon to fuck five very nice young ladies who all seem to enjoy the experience immensely. Nice to see Majella back in action and cameramen, amateur and pro, will smile at John's struggle to avoid getting his shadow in shot around the pool as the sun sinks lower and lower. Over two hours is good value too. Recommended.

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