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Released: 2006
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: Doll Theatre
Alternate Titles
  • Jailhouse Cock
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 143 mins.

Jail House Cock follows a number of successful Doll Theatre productions where the enthusiasm and energy of the girls' performances overcomes the corny story line and wobbly sets. The cast line up is great, with six of the best girls in the business appearing, but does the film deliver?

In a title sequence straight from Porridge, habitual criminal Sahara is sentenced to 15 years at the maximum security prison Spunkhurst. On arrival she is thrown into a cell with the notorious bowler hatted Clockwork Kate (Michelle B) and her gang of Natalie, Poppy and Suzie Best. The first thing to get right is her prison uniform. Poppy takes a pair of scissors and cuts Sahara's striped swimsuit straight up the middle. As the new girl, Sahara gets cleaning duties and the four girls all want their cunts done. She starts on Suzie and makes her way around the rest of the girls, filling her face with fanny. Getting desperate, Poppy fingers herself as she licks at the prison bars while Natalie is getting the attention of the other three girls. Dildos and strap-ons are taken from the locker. Michelle sticks a pink plastic prick into her bedside cabinet and slides down. Kitted out with their strap-ons, Sahara tackles Suzie's snatch while Poppy concentrates on Natalie. Their pussies satisfied, Natalie and Suzie ride the plastic up their arses. Sahara is accepted as one of the gang.

Poppy finds herself on solitary with nothing to do but tug at her tits and play with her pussy. Yanking her lips open, she slides her fingers into her wet fanny. Then she finds a vibrator and hammers it deep into her damp hole. The warden arrives to relieve Poppy's monotonous existence. He sticks his cock though the bars, she wanks and sucks, and the set shakes. He enters the cell and Poppy dribbles over the dick before sliding her pussy down the shaft. Her bum bangs against the warden's balls as she wriggles and grinds. She stops to suck. Then the cock is pushed up her arse. Poppy pulls at her pussy as she is fucked missionary. As she lies with her head over the edge of the bed, Poppy's tits get covered in cum.

The girls are given some recreation time at the snooker table. When a fight breaks out, screaming Michelle is dragged back to her cell by warden Danny. Pulling down her top, he caresses her boobs. He then lies on the bunk to have his cock licked. Holding on tight to the shaft, Michelle slaps her tongue with the head then slides it down her throat. The two then move to 69. After that, mounting Danny's man meat, Michelle rubs hard on her clit as she rides. Lying back on the grey blanket she lifts her leg onto Danny's shoulder as his cock goes into her open bum and he bangs away. Michelle finishes reverse cowgirl, Danny's dick wedged deep in her arse. He pulls out and cums over her tits and face.

Sahara makes an attempt to escape, but gets lost in the labyrinth of corridors and finds herself in the top security wing face-to-face with Dr Hannibal Sphincter. He offers her a way out, but first there is something she must do for him - show her pussy. Sahara puts on a show, taking out her tits, then pulling her panties to one side to get to her cunt. Hannibal watches as Sahara's fingers get covered in fanny fluid. With her legs splayed she pops a digit into her arse. Picking up a silver vibrator, Sahara swallows it. When it is nice and wet she shoves it into her pussy, then a second is added to her bum. She works away till she is dripping. Two wardens appear and she falls to the floor. Strings of spit dribble as she devours their cocks, managing two in her mouth at once. Sahara leans forward to be fucked from behind while she sucks on dick. Hannibal stares intently as her bum is crammed with cock. A little tonsil tickling from the dicks, more bum banging from the boys, and Sahara receives two loads of spunk over her face for her effort. Hannibal slips Sahara a photo of the governess.

In her office, Starr argues on the phone. She has had enough. To relieve the pressure of her job she climbs onto the table and unzips her jacket, strips to her kinky black underwear and stockings and starts to wank. As she arches her back, her fingers enter her moist minge. Then Sahara is marched in flanked by two wardens. She is just about to sentence her when Sahara shows the photo. The governess immediately pardons her - she is free to go. Before Sahara leaves there is one thing she wants to do; so the four indulge in a small orgy. Sahara eases herself onto Ian Tate's cock as Starr is bonked from behind by Danny, her tits swinging freely from her black bra. The girls gorge their faces on cock then mount the boys, bouncing and grinding in unison. Sahara pops Ian's cock into her arse half way through. Starr lies back so Danny can probe her pussy. Then she turns over and Ian joins in with his dick in her arse. It's then Sahara's turn for double dick action. The girls kiss as she is shagged. Using both hands, Sahara jerks Ian off into Starr's mouth. Danny showers both girls' faces with cream.

I had been so looking forward to this film, but found it disappointing, with poor camerawork and sound quality letting the whole lot down. You can just about live with iffy camera angles, heads cut off or knees and scenery in the way, but at times the picture was out of focus and in Michelle's scene it appears the contrast was permanently being adjusted. Though the film has six great girls, Natalie Heck and Suzie Best fans will feel they have been short changed with them having only supporting roles in the first scene. After Doll Theatre's last films, Jail House Cock is a bit of a let down.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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