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Released: 2006
Director: John Mason as Johnny Rebel
Notes: Slik
Alternate Titles
  • Laid in England 5
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy British Porn

More of John Mason's girl-boy scenes, which now seem to come to DVD via this series from Slik. What more can be said about John's porn factory that hasn't been said before? Here are another five scenes that take as long to watch as they probably did to shoot. Quick, efficient, fuck scenes featuring a selection of girls all who have appeared in other JR titles fucking the same guys.

First up is pocket Polish sex-bomb Chelsea getting her pussy pounded by Tony James. Both are eager to get out of their clothes before fucking on the big blue sofa in John's lounge. After a rush through all the positions, Chelsea kneels in front of Tony for a long time as Tony wanks his semi-hard cock in her face, eventually depositing his spunk into her mouth.

It used to be said that a woman's place is in the kitchen. When that woman is the super-sexy Renee Richards I can only concur as she and Rich fuck over the kitchen units. It's obvious from the spotless surfaces and rug on the floor that very little cooking goes on in this kitchen, but Ms Richards is soon naked and cooking herself as she fucks Rich on the floor, eventually wanking him off over her tits. But Rich is up for more and fucks Renee in missionary and spoons before pulling his cock out and depositing a second load over her neatly trimmed pubes. One starts to suspect chemical assistance as rock hard Rich continues in cowgirl and doggy and is still hard as the scene fades.

Johnny himself gets in on the action with Alexis May back on the big blue couch. After stripping off, Alexis takes Johnny's modest member in all the usual positions, including a standing doggy, before she wanks him off over her splendid tits.

Majella Shepard has had a few different looks through her career; the pretty English model, the airbrushed US pornstar and now, after maternity leave, a rougher unmade-up look. But, appearing here with Pascal White, raunchier than ever. Majella starts in her undies and, as soon as her bra is removed, Pascal starts about her tits, then her pussy, in a pretty rough way - which she loves. Rough fingering and fucking on a bed leaves Majella flushed and gasping, before Pascal finishes with a facial.

Finally Donna and Rich demonstrate that fucking lots of different partners can keep the magic alive in a marriage as they fuck each other on a bed in John's spare room. Sex in the usual positions, then Rich does Donna deeply doggy before pulling out and shooting over her bum.

Rich's stamina with Renee is worthy of note, as is the down and dirty chemistry between Pascal and Majella, but with no newbies or novelties this is a title for fans of an individual lady or someone starting to build a collection only.

Review by Bayleaf
March 2007

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