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Released: 2007
Director: David Luger
Notes: West Coast
Alternate Titles
  • David Luger's Jugg Busters DVD available
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 145 mins.

It's not hard to guess what this film is about from the title. Five well endowed girls appear in front of David Luger's lens, including the Brit Carmel Moore (who is also on the box cover), for fun and frolics.

In her black bikini, Carmel starts the film rolling. She walks across the sun dappled patio and lies on the lounger by the pool. Unfastening her bikini top, Carmel massages her boobs as she sunbathes. From the corner of her eye she catches the neighbour peeking over the fence. She goes round to confront him. Entering his house, Carmel pins him down on the sofa, smothering his head between her boobs. Crying out, she forces a nipple into his mouth to quieten him down. Carmel notices his jeans are starting to bulge and unzips them to investigate. Grabbing his cock, she runs her tongue over the tip. Squeezing his balls, she swallows. Delving down between Carmel's legs, the guy starts to lap at her pussy. Stripped, she stretches out on the sofa, wanting his cock in her cunt. Mounting the guy reverse, she grasps at her boobs. As she bounces, she leans back to have them licked. Moaning, Carmel lies back to be bonked missionary. The guy pulls out and comes over her face. Licking her lips, it's all gone.

Whilst the first scene in the film is acceptable, three of the remaining four are distinctly below par. Silly sound effects are heard every time Emily George's boobs are squeezed, and the sight of big breasted Whitney Stevens doing star jumps is not very erotic. Only dark haired Kimberly Kole puts in a performance which matches Carmel's. Jugg Busters is a very average film which is not worth spending money on.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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