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Released: 2009
Director: Jim Slip
Notes: Television X
Alternate Titles
  • Coast To Coast
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 131 mins.

With his assistant and camera woman Lara by his side, Jim Slip sets off to see what attractions there are in the seaside towns of Britain. On his travels Jim meets up with five girls who show there's more than candy floss and a stick of rock available if you ask.

The first port of call for Jim is Clacton, where he meets Sasha on the sea front. She's unimpressed with his facts on the pier, but hearing she has some thigh length boots they head to her flat to investigate. A quick fondle of Sasha's boobs and she goes off to get changed. Jim is pleased with Sasha's transformation as she reappears in a leopard print dress, pink fishnets and black boots. Lounging back on the sofa, Jim gets his cock out. Sasha starts to suck. Jim slips his fingers into Sasha's snatch, then, with her dress off, he eases her onto his staff. Moving in for some close-ups, the camera loses the light. A brief tit wank and Sasha gets back on Jim's dick. Dropping forward, the pair bang their way across the sofa. The two move to the floor for some spoons. Jim jerks his jizz into Sasha's mouth.

Standing on the beach at Bournemouth, Jim chats to Masie. She invites him back to her house to see more of her. Flashing her red-spotted panties, she has a quick lick of his dick, then disappears to slip into something more kinky. Re-emerging in spike heeled sandals and stockings, Masie parts her pussy lips and pops in her thumb. Taking her place on a leather arm chair, Masie shows what she can do with her fingers. She turns to kneel. Jim slides his cock in from behind. Ordering Jim to the floor, Masie wants to be dominant. Crouching over his cheb, she slowly sinks down. Masie sits on his face and flops forward to 69. With her legs spread wide, Masie is fucked spoons. The two climb back on the sofa to continue with some missionary. Sexy minx Masie squeezes Jim's dick and he cums in her pussy.

Dressed in typical seaside gear of waterproofs and woollies, Jim and Shay stand on a grey, wet, Morecambe promenade. It's off to Shay's hotel for some fun on her four-poster bed. Jim eases his hand into Shay's pink panties as she pulls at her boobs. In the gloom of the room she tempts and teases Jim before changing into some kinky clobber. No sooner does Shay have her sexy lace knickers on than they're around her ankles with Jim pawing at her shaven snatch. The pair 69. Shay shuffles down to ride Jim, cowgirl. Bouncing round the dimly lit four-poster, Shay deep throats and wanks as she gets her bum spanked. Shagging continues spoons and doggy in the almost dark, until Jim fires his load over Shay's pussy.

It's a bleak day on the beach at Brighton when Jim meets up with Mai. The two make for her house to get out of the wet. Arriving home, Mai lifts her dress and flashes her pussy through her crotchless fishnets. A dog wanders into shot. Changed into black PVC, Mai's dark nipples peek over the top of her basque as she sucks on Jim's cheb. The two 69. Her basque undone, Mai sinks onto Jim's shaft and bounces. A suck on Jim's dick and Mai wraps her black booted legs around his back as she's filled, missionary. Down on all fours, Mai rubs herself as she's banged doggy-style. The pair fall onto their sides and continue till Jim shoots his cream into Mai's pussy.

Busty blonde Daniella (as Kacy) greets Jim at a sunny Broadstairs, but it's not the beach he's come to see. Back at Daniella's house, she runs lube over her boobs and slips them out of her checked gingham bra. Taking a seat on Jim's lap, she lets him grope at her panties and spank her bum before getting out his member for a 69. As Daniella rides Jim cowgirl, she removes her dress. Swivelling round, she slams down on his dick. Still in his shirt and tie, Jim takes Daniella, first missionary then spoons, on the sofa. Turning to be fucked doggy, she gets a fit of the giggles. Bracelets jangling, Daniella jerks at Jim's length. A little more doggy and he covers her pussy with spunk.

You can never second guess British seaside weather, so the outdoor footage could have been a problem. Strangely though, even in the downpours at Morecambe, it isn't. In fact, it's the indoor shots which let Coast to Coast down by being poorly lit, badly framed, wobbly and jerky. Poor Shay looks as if she was illuminated by a low power fluorescent tube. And Sasha fairs no better in her session. Overall, Jim Slip's Coast to Coast is a bit of a let down.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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