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Released: 2009
Director: Kaizen
Notes: Kaizen / Television X (originally a Television X series)
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Running time: 122 mins.

Kaizen has opened the lid on Joy Box - a costumiers shop with a difference. Like an adult version of Mr Benn, a series of girls, including Robyn Truelove, Katie K and European star Claudia Rossi, pop into the changing room, dress up and are transported to live out their sexual fantasies before returning to the humdrum world.

Selecting silver shorts and knee length boots, Robyn enters the changing room. Kitted out in her new attire, Robyn picks up her ray gun and slips back through the curtain to find herself on the bridge of a star ship. Taking her tits out of her top, she approaches Captain Jay. He leans forward to lick at her nipples. Climbing onto the Captain's console, Robyn parts her legs. Pulling her tight shorts aside, she gives a flash of her pussy. Jay drops to his knees and starts to lap. His fingers penetrate Robyn's fanny and arse. Ripping open Robyn's shorts, Jay jams his cock in hard. Holding tight to the console, she cries out as her pussy is plundered. Getting Jay to lie down, Robyn feeds his length through the tear in her pants and rides him reverse. The two tumble to the floor of the space ship. Robyn takes Jay's rocket doggy-style. He jerks at his joy stick till it coats her face.

Katie rummages through the outfits and picks out a black, flowing dress. In the changing room her transformation into a gothic look is completed by a black bob wig. Opening the curtain, Katie steps into a smoke filled crypt. A devilish Natalia in black latex, stockings and sporting two small horns, is waiting. The girls kiss. Natalia lifts up Katie's dress and bites at her boobs. Getting Natalia to kneel on an altar table, Katie uses her tongue and fingers to explore the folds of Natalia's pussy. Climbing alongside Natalia, Katie spreads her legs to be licked and to have her clit teased. Prising Natalia's pussy open, Katie pushes in a black vibe as the smoke and fog thicken around them. Crouching, Katie brings Natalia to a climax with a bright pink toy.

Claudia Rossi is a Star Wars fan and a visit to Joy Box lets her live out her fantasy as Princess Leia. However, it's not Darth Vada's light sword but Jay's pork sword she wants to get her hands on.

Out of her t-shirt and track suit bottoms, Theo metamorphoses into an Indian squaw. Stepping through the curtains, she finds herself in an Indian reservation. All she needs now is the big chief. Crawling into a teepee, Theo spots what she wants and grabs the totem pole of Chief Throbbing Dick. Theo's short skirt rises up as she sucks on the staff, revealing a neatly trimmed snatch in the process. The Chief moves to lick and lap at her muff. Kneeling in the fur skin bedding, Theo is fucked from behind. The Chief lies down and lets her ride his rod. Theo's plaits fall out as she's banged, first spoons then reverse cowgirl. The Chief empties his load over her tits.

Wearing glasses and a sweatshirt, Holly is the last girl to enter the shop. Selecting a fur skin bikini, she's transported back to prehistoric times. Stumbling into a cave, she finds Steve Hooper with his cock at the ready. Holly stoops and starts to suck. Steve fondles Holly's fur clad arse as she stuffs her cheeks with cheb. Putting her on all fours, he shags her, doggy. Holly flops back onto a pile of skins, a boob popping out of her bikini, and is fucked, missionary. Taking control, she sits on Steve's staff cowgirl, before moving to reverse. The pair fall on to their sides and continue shagging spoons until Steve is ready to cum. Holly collects his cum on her tits.

The TV origins of Joy Box are very much in evidence, with the almost identical voice over at the start of every scene. That aside, the film has four and a half decent scenes; part of Theo's session in the teepee is a bit out of focus and has spots on the camera lens. For a film to dip into for one or two scenes, Joy Box fits the bill.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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