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Released: 2004
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Nude, Rude & Tattooed
Notes and Reviews

Not hard to find girls with a few tattoos and piercings to get fucked on camera, but these women must have spent days in the parlours. Nothing wrong with the sex, but if you don't like decorated girls you won't like this DVD and if it is your thing, then it's probably in your collection already.

Vixen and Silver, two fantastically pierced and tattooed young women, in quite an erotic scene. Vixen, with yet another different hairstyle, is strangely attractive, while slim and shaven-headed Silver is just strange, particularly with her split tongue! Plenty of kissing and licking and playing with ice cubes before Vixen is penetrated doggie-style with a large strap-on.

Rona and Raven are a pair of plump middle-aged ladies in a mildly erotic lesbian encounter. But you can't judge these books by their covers and there's plenty of tongue lashing, pussy licking and hard dildo action. The most bizarre feature of this scene is not that Rona is well on the way to having her entire body covered in tattoos, but that the whole scene takes place in such a middle-class sitting room.

Vixen, with an almost normal look, black bobbed hair and simple skirt & shirt, gets a firm shagging from Pascal on a bed. Vixen, with her pale skin, black hair and voluptuous figure is very sexy and obviously enjoys her work. Ends with good facial. Nice scene.

With just a smattering of patterns over her body, Danielle just scrapes in here, but puts in another great performance. Just lying on the bed and spreading her legs for conventional missionary is incredibly sexy. Fine scene from a great girl giving John T a great time.

In their suburban lounge, Rona and Raven are entertaining two young guys, one black one white called John and Larry. Everyone gets undressed on the floor and the ladies suck the guys hard before the sex starts in cowgirl for both women. Lots of mix and matching as they all fuck togther on the floor. Rona takes the black dude's slim cock up her bum and later he tries it on with Raven without success. All configurations are explored and there are several cumshots along the way.

Finally a practiced and vigourous sex session between Janca and Pascal on John Mason's bed. Janca is a big lass and more than a match for Pascal and they test out the mattress springs. Eventually Pascal pulls his cock out and splashes over Janca's belly and she obligingly cleans his cock with her tongue.

Two and a half hours of good sex from a bunch of women who derive great pleasure from their bodies. Well worth it if tattoos and piercings don't put you right off.

Review by Bayleaf

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