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Released: 2005
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • UK Swinger Confidential
Notes and Reviews

John Mason has persuaded a few more of his swingers contacts to disrobe and fuck in front of the camera. The scenes are a mixture of one-2-one and group sessions so whether they all swing, or are just run of the mill amateurs, is unclear. Unlike previous Swingers releases from John, these are all definitely amateurs - although some, as in the case of Abi, have a large body (of work).

Candy and her partner open the film with some fucking on a bed. Mature and fleshy Candy strips to her black stockings and suspenders for a perfunctory shag and modest facial with her hubby.

The truly scary duo of Rona Stock and Raven, the tattooed ladies, return for some lesbian sex. Reasonable amount of intimacy and kissing as these two heavyweights pleasure each other with tongues, fingers and vibrators.

The third scene opens with Liz and Aimee, in matching leopard skin print halter dresses, fingering and kissing on a bed. Ten minutes of girl-girl action then they're joined by their partners. A little vibro for Aimee before (I guess) Liz's partner fucks her while Liz takes on Aimee's man. Nice side-by-side missionary with the girls kissing, then the girls swap partners for sex in a selection of positions.

Stacey is a good looking nicely made up woman. While she's a bit on the large side she has a firm tanned body and lovely small tits, which sets her apart from the rest of the talent on show here. The pair quickly undress and have a very enjoyable fuck in most positions.

Abi and husband Dave are joined, on their bed, by Tyler and Jo. All four strip while John films, then Jo undresses John and a fivesome ensues. With the filming shared around, all three girls are fucked by both guys. Free for all with two new swingers joining Abi and Dave.

John Mason has been putting his 'Swingers' compilations together for a few years. This is poor by comparison. It's not just that all the women are overweight and the guys are naturally small. In previous compilations there's always been one or two women with real sex appeal (and I don't mean pro girls making up the numbers). This is shagging by (very low) numbers.

Fatty fans will be delighted; for the rest, buy something else.

Review by Bayleaf
November 2005

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