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Released: 2003
Notes: Terry Stevens / Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Wife Watchers Confidential 3
Notes and Reviews

Five more excellent scenes from the Terry Stephens/John Mason partnership.

This time they've decided to release them as part of their Wifewatcher series. As in the previous two episodes, each scene introduces a new girl with her partner, which John then goes on to shag.

At the time of release in 2003, two of the five girls are new to the database, but since their alleged partners are established porn actors their amateur provenance is questionable. The identification of new girls is further complicated by changes of spelling between the screen captions and the sleeve notes.

First up is Afro Caribbean black girl Lei, whose 'partner', Brett Tracy, sits this one out wanking in the corner. Lei is a very chatty girl who enjoys herself throughout the scene which includes extensive anal and concludes with her wanking John off over her generous tits.

Next is a large blonde girl who John introduces as Kirsty, but is called Amy in the credits and Amii on the database! Boyfriend Nick may be her real partner as both seem to have Australasian accents. John takes quite a few stills before the action begins with sex in doggy and reverse cowgirl. Nick then gets undressed and joins in for some cock-sucking. In the end, Nick shoots over Amy's tits, but she has to change position to give John his end of session wank.

The next scene features Sammy with a husband who can't show his face. Sammy has appeared in several porn videos over the past few years, so unless this scene has been in the can for some time ... Anyway, Sammi is naked on the bed and eager to get started, which they do, in most positions, and it ends in the usual way.

John introduces Bev Thornton as Brandi, who undresses through the stills section. Partner Ian pops his head into shot to suck her nipples to hardness. The action covers the usual positions on the bed then, later in the scene when John's cock is nicely up Bev's bum, Ian joins in to get his cock sucked. The guys swap positions, eventually leading to a reverse cowgirl dp. More vaginal and anal sex follows from both guys with Bev smiling throughout - nice to see someone that enjoys her job.

Sashy Lee is introduced with boyfriend Jazz. John starts with a series of stills which quickly leads to full sex. Inevitably Jazz soon joins in and the threesome progesses to a reverse cowgirl dp. Sashy tries to wank both guys over her tits, but as soon as Jazz comes she needs to spend a little more time on John.

Good heartwarming stuff from Terry and John. Good to see some new faces too, with Lei especially putting in a hot performance. Recommended.

Review by Bayleaf

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