< Johnny Rebel's Wifewatchers Confidential 4 R18 DVD available

Released: 2004
Director: Terry Stephens / John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Wife Watchers Confidential 4
Notes and Reviews

After three episodes featuring pro or semi pro models, this is a real amateur offering (apart from Nana who has some other appearances). A mixed bag of older women filmed by Terry Stephens, although John does the penile honours.

Terri, a chunky fortyish Essex girl, performs on a cabin cruiser in Gloucester in front of her husband. Terri strips while John shoots stills, then fucks her on the bench seats. Terri giggles and grunts her way through the action in all positions which moves, after a while, through to the bedroom where she gets fucked up the bum. Terri wanks John to climax. Good scene.

John fucks the huge Lolly in a hotel room. Sex in all positions watched by her partner Sean. Scene includes deep anal. Lolly is an enthusiastic performer, but fat enough for both her belly and tits to rest on the bed when fucked doggy. Just too much for me.

Pat is a tall blonde with a lot of white flesh and a husband who reads a magazine throughout the action. After an awkward stills session, Pat warms up when John shaves her pubes. Sex in all positions including doggy anal which affects John as he pulls out and cums over her bum.

Thirtysomething Julie is at home but has been abandoned by her husband, so the boys make a video for him to watch. Sex on her own bed (with baby's cot alongside) includes anal in doggy and spoons and ends with a wank.

No words of explanation in the final scene, just tall and slim Thai girl Nana (who features on the box cover) getting fucked in John's studio. Certainly the best of a decidedly average bunch of scenes with nice close-ups of a reverse cowgirl, but Nana's performance is as stiff as John's cock.

This collection has the feel of Terry and John clearing their collective cupboard. One for fans of over forties only.

Review by Bayleaf

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