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Released: 2003
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • X-Rated Auditions 2
Notes and Reviews

This huge collection of scenes shows just what a busy boy John Mason has been over the last couple of years. One or two of the girls featured have already become well known in the business, while for others this may be their only scene. Most of the girls featured also did a stills shoot at the same time (these can be found on the Johnny Rebel and UK Pornochicks websites) and some performed with the other guy present on video too. These scenes may be found on some other of John's recent releases.

Format for almost all the scenes is the same: Short personal introduction, then the girl undresses and the sex begins. First oral, then almost always reverse cowgirl position first, then the rest. The scenes always end with a prone John being wanked to climax.

Jenny Loveitt. On John's bed with Calvin then her usual rapacious self with John. Includes anal.

Carley. On John's bed again with Calvin, little strip, then sex including anal. Another enthusiastic girl who's making a career in the business.

Sandra. Filmed in Durham, her partner Pete is present. A tall, mature blonde, she says she wants a career in porn. Sex in all positions follows, including anal. An experienced woman enjoying a good shagging.

Donna (unlisted). With boyfriend Tony and filmed in Lincoln. Donna is a plain young woman who performs cheerfully enough but generates little heat. Usual sex and anal and concludes with weak facial.

Fiona (unlisted). With her partner Mark in Coventry. Fiona is a very slim older woman with bleached blonde hair, pale skin and several unattractive tattoos. She is hesitant throughout the scene and the anal sex looks uncomfortable, but she smiles throughout.

Lisa (unlisted). With her partner Alex in a hotel in Derby. Lisa is a big, sloppy sexy woman who starts off with some large dildos which she uses in both orifices (with the help of her partner). The dildo reappears during sex, providing anal pentration which Lisa doesn't permit from John.

Tilly. Introduced by James who is actually the partner of Candice Paris. Tilly is a class act and starts with a strip and a dildo before undressing John for sex. Plenty of enthusiasm here from Tilly during the sex, although there is no anal. Tilly coaxes a weak facial at the end.

Lisa (unlisted). With partner Mike, filmed at La Chambre, Sheffield. Both Lisa and John are quickly out of their clothes and John finds a very wet pussy which leads to some very squelchy sex. Although no anal, Lisa gives a very sexy performance which seemed to me like the fulfillment of an ambition rather than the start of a porn career.

Naomi (unlisted). A Hungarian girl based in the UK with a very nice body. However the sex was mechanical and their was no anal. Not sure whether I would have passed her.

Kinky Kerry (Bonus Scene). Kerry exploded onto the scene in 2003. Here John is late arriving at Kerry's house and she is already naked on the bed using a dildo. John strips off and is, as usual, already hard for the job. Sex in plenty of positions.

At the end of most scenes, John tells the girls they have passed the audition. Objectively he's right in around two thirds of the cases, the others should stick to their day jobs - housewife, mother, etc. Of those passing, there are some very sexy performances (although for one or two that pass I fear this may be their only performance). Great value for money and highly recommended for collectors.

Review by Bayleaf

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