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Released: 2004
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • X-Rated Auditions 3
Notes and Reviews

Ten girls in ten scenes. The format is so repetitive that it borders on the boring viz: John introduces each girl with the words "and here we have ..." or to give some geographical variety "and here we are in ... with ...". Both John and the interviewee undress, John fucks her and gets wanked to a climax. In John's defence he gives us TEN scenes with TEN girls most of whom are new or fairly new to hardcore. As a taster for things to come this is not bad, not bad at all.

  • Young Siobhan, from Ireland, has her dress removed and John fucks her in all positions on a bed including anal. This is a strange scene, John pounds away with almost no response, physical or emotional, from Siobhan. At various times John (and Pascal behind the camera) share a joke with her, but the rest of the 25 minute scene takes place in complete silence.
  • Blonde Jody, from Yorkshire, removes her top to reveal an eye-popping pair of boobs. John continues to undress her revealing a strawberry tattoo on her shaven pussy which he licks straight away. Oral sex in 69 then John fucks her in most positions which, judging by Jodie's gasps, she enjoys. This good scene ends in the usual way.
  • Amy is a large American girl based in Wales. Once undressed John attends to her pussy with his tongue before moving through 69 to fucking her in reverse cowgirl and most other positions and a wank.
  • John is in Sheffield with Tiffany, who removes her sheer top and pants in a little solo strip for the camera. Then John joins her to have his cock sucked. The action warms up nicely through 69 with a girl who clearly loves her work. Noisy sex in most positions. Finally, a flushed Tiffany gets fucked up the bum in doggy and spoons.
  • JR regular Anais gets a straightforward fucking on a bed. The action is measured and Anais grunts in an appreciative way. Then John fucks her arse in spoons and reverse cowgirl. Nice.
  • Curvy but not fat, mature Sue chatters away as John undresses her and this happy chatting turns to giggles as John demonstrates his cunnilingual technique to the camera. Sex follows in most positions with Sue cheerfully bouncing on John's cock - nice to see a woman enjoying her work. And there's just a hint that Sue's husband might be watching the whole thing.
  • John asks Susie Best from Doncaster to strip then he soon joins her on the bed for oral sex. 69 is followed by reverse cowgirl in John's fucking-by-numbers way. Susie Best is another slim sweet newbie who deserves a harder workout.
  • John and Vixen start with some kissing and cuddling on the sofa before he frees her tits and massages her pussy through her pants. Cock-sucking and 69 is followed by cowgirl. Vixen is a full-figured mature girl who seems to be well-versed at pleasing men and fucks John hard but silently, a technique learned so as not to wake her kids perhaps? John cheekily fucks her arse in all positions while Vixen fingers her pussy, then she wanks John off.
  • Mimi is a slim oriental girl from Belgium. John removes her black dress and underwear and licks her great nipples hard, then it's into the usual routine. John fuck's Mimi's arse in doggy and spoons before she finishes him off.
  • John and Serina are already naked on a bed as the next scene opens. John has his tongue clamped to her clit. Fucking follows 69 as Serina giggles her way through much of the action which is a deep as John can manage as he spreads Serina's legs wide. Serina's giggles turn to cries as she approaches orgasm while John enjoys his in silence.

Review by Bayleaf

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