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Released: 2004
Director: John Mason
Alternate Titles
  • Filthy Fuckers 2
Notes and Reviews

You can't beat John Mason for value these days. Nine boy/girl hardcore scenes in a programme that's just 10 minutes short of three hours. A couple of the girls are graduates of Johnny Rebel's auditions, others well established and, a real treat, Tammie Lee in Boy/Girl action. Worth every penny.

Black Calvin and the rampant Alyssa start proceedings by quickly undressing and having sex on a bed. Alyssa mounts Calvin cowgirl and encourages him with a stream of dirty talk before swivelling round on his cock to face the camera. Doggy, spoons and missionary positions follow until Calvin pulls out and spunks all over Alyssa's tits and belly.

Young slim Ruby and partner Ashe are at home on a bed. They slowly undress each other between bouts of kissing and after a little cock and pussy sucking Ashe puts Ruby on her back and starts to fuck her. Spoons, cowgirl, 69 and reverse cowgirl and doggy follow. The sex here is vigorous mixed with a desire from Ashe to make Ruby orgasm, which she does during one extended fingering. Scene ends when Ashe cums over Ruby's belly.

Sandy is a graduate of John's X-rated auditions. Having passed, she gets to be fucked by Lee Henshaw. She gives Lee's cock an extended suck before he pulls her dress over her head. More licking and sucking continues on the bed in 69. Sandy is a tall older blonde and sex starts in cowgirl leading through most positions and ending with a good facial.

Next is (Kinky) Kerry on a bed with two guys called John. With John Mason behind the camera it must have been an interesting shoot, alright John? Kerry wears only a red t-shirt and tartan miniskirt. The shirt comes off after she's given both cocks a long sucking, but the skirt stays on throughout. Kerry's favours are shared between the two Johns as she has sex in most positions ending in joint facial. Despite two guys, this is a restrained performance by Kerry.

Kyla sits on a large white sofa with Ian Tate. She slips down his trousers and sucks his cock to hardness while Ian rubs her pussy through her white pants. Now on her back, Ian gives Kyla's pussy a good licking and fingering before entering her and the sex continues in most positions. Kyla's natural facial expression is always dreamy and slightly detached, which is at odds with Mr Tate banging away between her thighs. However, watching Kyla's neat tight body get a good seeing-to is always a pleasure and she seems to warm up at the end and breaks into a broad smile when Ian shoots over her pussy.

Paris and Chris K are on the bed in John's attic. After some prolonged pussy and cock-sucking, Paris mounts Chris in reverse cowgirl. Paris is an enthusiastic partner as the sex progresses through cowgirl, doggie and a deep penetrating missionary position with Paris's legs spread particularly wide. The scene ends with a hurried shuffle into a 69 position where Paris gets a weak facial.

Tilly and Lee Henshaw are on the sofa together and almost immediately Tilly has Lee's cock in her hand. Eventally Lee unclamps her mouth from his tool and they undress and the sex begins in missionary with Tilly's feet over Lee's shoulders. Spoons, cowgirl and doggy before returning to missionary for some deep penetration, which Tilly gives every impression of enjoying, before the scene ends with Lee wanking into her mouth. Tilly, as always, gives a sexy and believable performance and, with both performers largely ignoring the camera, quite voyeuristic.

Tammie is wearing a slightly fetishistic pvc dress with straps and buckles. Unfortunately Darryl wants to take this and her pvc thong off quickly, so that he can suck her tits and pussy. There's a short 69 sequence before an editing glitch replays the whole 45 seconds again. The fucking starts in reverse cowgirl on the bed and moves through cowgirl, spoons and doggie to missionary, where Tammie slides partly off the bed and onto the floor with Darryl still on top. Back on the bed there's more deep thrusting with Tammie making appreciative gasps followed by an extended sequence with both bodies close and legs together where the camera focuses on Tammie's face as she appears to orgasm. Yet more positions follow and just when I started to think they would fuck all night, Darryl pulls out and cums over Tammie's pussy. Tammie takes Darryl's cock in her mouth, but she clearly doesn't enjoy the taste of semen. A very promising debut from a young lady with a lot of potential. although I fear this may not be realised.

Finally, the delightfully hard-bodied Luciana gets to go three rounds with black Calvin, starting with an extended 69. Luciana, with her hair pulled back severely into a ponytail, climbs on top of Calvin followed by some particularly deep thrusting in missionary with Luciana's bum held in the air. Around the middle of the scene old Calvin flags a bit, but he rallies for some more deep action finishing in reverse cowgirl and spunking over Luciana's belly.

Review by Bayleaf

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