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Released: 2004
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Filthy Fuckers Amateur Special 2
Notes and Reviews

Amazon, and her partner BJ, get down to business in John's blue bedroom. Stripped to her pants Amazon coaxes BJ's cock to life then lays back for him to fuck her. Switching to spoons, BJ pulls out of her pussy and slips into her bum, an obvious favourite and all the positions are repeated including some A2M. BJ is a large lad but Amazon takes his whole length in doggy and the scene finishes with a long wank to facial.

At home in their bedroom, Ann and Paul seem like an authentic couple who undress, suck each other in 69 and fuck. Paul has a good size cock; it's a bit on the floppy side but the couple manage sex in most positions including doggy and spoons before anal in reverse cowgirl. Ann swivels her arse on Paul's cock into cowgirl and the scene ends with deep missionary and a wank over Ann's face. And the whole scene is conducted in eerie silence - spooky!

Spiky haired blonde Neomy is on a bed with partner Cal getting her tits licked and they continue to kiss while getting undressed. Cal isn't particularly well-endowed but Neomy gets him firm enough to take him cowgirl, spoons and doggy and, after some more cock sucking, a nice little spurt over her face.

Sarah-Louise, in the blue room, peels off her little dress while her partner, Max, undresses. Then she attacks his cock while he fingers her pussy. After a little foreplay in 69, Sarah-Louise gets her pussy licked as she lies on her back and this develops into an authentic back-arching, thigh-clamping flush-faced orgasm. Now she really needs cock in her pussy, which she gets missionary, doggy and cowgirl. But what's this? The lucky girl is on her back and done all over again. More fucking leads to anal in doggie and reverse cowgirl ending with joint wank and enough cum to drip over Sarah-Louise's toes. Rare performance from Sarah-Louise's second hc period although I'm surprised she gave up again if she got 2 orgasms every scene!

Mature housewife Ann is lucky to have Tony Uttley for her pleasure so she makes the most of him, noisily snogging as they undress then sucking his cock hard. Ann mounts Tony straight away in reverse cowgirl then he gives her a solid seeing-to in doggy as she bends over the sofa. Deep face-to-face fucking and in spoons concludes with plenty of spunk flying over Ann's tits.

Darryl and Mandy undress each other on a bed then move on to fuck. Despite having fucked each other on film umpteen times before this is still a fresh performance enhanced by a nicer-than-usual-bedroom setting and mirrors on the wardrobe doors. Sex in all positions ends in doggy with Darryl spunking over Mandy's bum.

Donna and Rich could well be another amateur couple. Rich sports a generous member that soon fills Donna's petite frame. Mixture of sucking and fucking in John's blue room as little Donna gets it in all positions eventually wanking Rich to a climax.

We stay in the blue bedroom for Krisztina and Viktor, probably another genuine couple as they both look no more than 17 years old (I, of course, believe them to be over 18 at the time of filming). Once undressed they're soon shagging each other deeply in cowgirl, doggy and missionary and the scene concludes with Viktor splashing his generous load over Krisztina's pretty face.

Kyla King and partner Quinton are soon into their stride as the action continues in the blue room. Kyla keeps her leopardskin print slip/dress on while she struggles with her mouth to get Quinton hard. She mounts him in cowgirl then returns to oral to achieve enough wood to continue fucking her in doggy and missionary, but the scene ends with a flourish as Quinton delivers a copious facial.

Another value-packed three-hours-worth from Johnny Rebel/John Mason. Clear, no-nonsense videography shows nine very comely wenches getting their pussies (and occasionally arses) filled with cock. Some of these filthy fuckers are a long way from being amateurs, although there are a good few new faces. John rarely adds a music channel, which is a shame because it would cover the strange way one or two couples fuck in complete silence without even a grunt of satisfaction.

John Mason programmes can be like watching the Shopping Channel: some lovely stuff on display but it's all switched off. All the girls and boys all need taking home, plugging in and turning on before you see them operating at their best. Not a classic but earns a place in a lot of collections for Sarah-Louise's scene alone.

Review by Bayleaf

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