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Released: 2004
Director: John Mason
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Amateur House Party 3 & 4
Notes and Reviews

Usual sexual mayhem at John's parties, which seem to be held at Calvin's place in Birmingham.

House Party 3

Nicola, Donna, Joanna and Mandy are at home with John, Calvin and Sandie, who has come along as apprentice cameraperson. Sandie doesn't get involved in the sex, but enters into the spirit of things by stripping off along with everyone else.

As usual everybody takes their clothes off in the lounge and straightaway John fucks Nicola, but as there are spare girls a double-ended dildo comes in useful for those without a man. The mayhem continues in the lounge where all the girls get shagged by both guys, then they retire to the bedroom.

Before moving, Calvin slips his cock up Donna's bum. Upstairs the girls squeeze onto the bed and Calvin pushes his cock up Nicola's arse and this develops into a DP with John as the others give them space on the bed. More athletic anal and a DP for Donna before the scene ends with all four girls giving John a wank.

House Party 4

More invitations have been sent out this time and as well as Janca, Keira, Emma, Christina and Alicia Rhodes, Lee Henshaw is here as well, so John Mason is relieved of shagging duty. Apprentice Sandie Caine is on hand to film.

The party starts with a game of strip poker in the lounge to get everyone naked, then the sex starts. The girls share the boys and by the end of half an hour almost all the girls have been fucked by both boys. The party moves upstairs where bed space is limited, so the fucking takes place in shifts. Finally, with just Lee paired with Keira and Calvin with Janca on the bed, Lee comes over Keira's face while Calvin soldiers on for a bit inside Janca before he too releases over Keira.

The extras section is huge, with video footage of stills photoshoots from both parties, most of which can be found on Johnny Rebel's website. From HP3 there is a 48 minute sequence which includes a four girl scene, then Calvin performs individually with the four girls. From HP4 there are 5 solo girl scenes with dildos then two gg scenes with Alicia and Janca; Keira, Emma and Christina on a bed and finally all five on the bed where a five-high pussy pile is attempted and a daisy-chain. This is followed by another scene each for all the girls with both Calvin and Lee. Two and a half hours in total.

This is an extremely fine production from all angles. All the participants seem to have a great time and the filming is crisp and clear so we can see everything going on. Add to this the extras, which actually outlast the main production, and this dvd offers over five hours of entertainment. Amazing value and some fresh faces too! Highly recommended.

Review by Bayleaf

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