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Notes: Packaged in HCC's A Date with Samantha Jane
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Kirstyn Halborg is looking at a magazine and masturbating. Husband Bob Scott arrives home. Cut to a hatchet-faced brunette (later called Rachel identified as Elaine [2]) in a gym on an exercise bike. It later transpires that the gym is a private one attached to KH and BS's home and they are hiring it out. KH gives massage to Bob which leads to a sex scene. Later Donna Warner (blonde), Steve Thorpe and a slim blonde arrive (later introduced as Faye, identified as Ginny [2], by elimination Sandra in the credits). Bob and Steve go to the gym where they find Rachel. Meanwhile there is a shaving and lesbian scene between KH, DW and Faye (who is shaved). In the gym an MMF scene develops and then Faye joins them, leading to a joint facial. Then another girl appears (introduced as Maggie and so listed, unaccounted for in the credits, but who also appeared in Sex on the Road - mousey straight hair, tattoo right upper arm, first scene) and joins in the fun.

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