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Notes: Angels V364
Alternate Titles
  • Kool Klass Party videoangels DVD title, V364
Notes and Reviews

Angels videos. Little hardcore but features many girls who have appeared in British hardcore films such as Lisa Stretton.

  • Various models with the Kool Klass Agency parade themselves before amateur cameramen and photographers. Begins with various group photos being taken. Then some performances
  • Tasha (Natasha Grove), blonde in white knee socks and black boots schoolgirl outfit
  • Kelly Stafford strip
  • Strip and dildo by tall redhead Stephanie [2]
  • Strip by slim brunette Olga
  • Two-girl show by brunette wearing devil's horns and German Sonja
  • Kelly Stafford again strips and teases man from audience in chair
  • Tasha and Stephanie, joined by Lisa Stretton, dildos and fisting by Stephanie on Lisa
  • Olga, another strip
  • Stephanie with man from audience. In original version there is an attempted blowjob as well as him licking her
  • Lisa Stretton attempted blowjob on another man from audience (man unable to get erection in front of audience) followed by licking, fingering and dildoed by him on her
  • Also short appearances by others seen in HC videos, e.g. Vivienne Perello and Juliette Muir

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