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Notes: loop, Tabu, 18½ mins., included on 70s British Porn, Love Video Club Magazin 6, 1970s
Alternate Titles
  • Camera Club
Notes and Reviews

A man watches as a girl is picked up by a car and driven away. She has dropped her purse and he picks it up and follows on his bike. He is let into the house which is a brothel pretending to be a camera club. As a reward he joins in the activities with the brunette madame (NK0175), then, with the madame, he joins a threesome with another man and two girls (dark hair, NK0417, fairer hair slimmer, Annette Poussin) and then a pretend photography session where a man is taking photos of a 'schoolgirl' (NK0178) with no film in his camera. All are together for the final orgy.

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