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Released: 2004
Director: Kat Slater
Notes: DVSX
Alternate Titles
  • RSVP
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 131 mins.

The idea for RSVP is simple: Kat Slater invited eight of Britain's hottest stars and half a dozen studs to a party in a large house in Yorkshire and filmed what went on.

Poppy, Lolly and Summer, dressed in tight tops and denim mini skirts, are the first to arrive and are greeted by four of the boys. To liven things up they all have a very loud game of strip table football, which after a few fluke goals the girls lose. Poppy and Lolly go to explore the house leaving Summer with two guys. She enthusiastically fills her mouth with their cocks while they finger and lick her pussy and arse. Once wet the guys take turns to bang away at the short haired blonde, but this dirty girl wants more. She wants to be taken by both boys together. With arse and pussy full of prick Summer shouts for more and the guys hammer hard. After licking the cocks clean Summer wants to taste their cum and gets two loads of cream in her mouth.

Red is next to turn up, in knee-length red boots. After talking to Lee and Mark she slips off to the bedroom as Poppy welcomes Natalia. In the bedroom Mark removes Red's jumper and skirt while she sucks on his cock, then lying back still in her boots she plays with her pussy getting it ready for Mark to enter. Moving onto all fours Red sticks her bum in the air and pulls open her arse hole for Mark to slip his man meat in. He bonks at Red's bum, his balls slapping her pussy. The pair then roll into the spoons position where the anal pounding continues. Finally Red ends on her back still with Mark's cock in her bum. She bends forward to catch his cum in her mouth as he pulls out and sprays his load.

In a dark zipper top and blue skirt Natalia confides in Kat that she wants to try two cocks but is worried her boyfriend may take some persuading. She needn't have worried. Out in the garage her boyfriend and his mate are ready and willing. After some brief pussy and nipple sucking the three head for the warmth of the house, ending on the sofa. Taking both cocks in her mouth, Natalia is slowly stripped and finger fucked by the boys. They then take turns penetrating her pussy whilst she has the other's cock in her mouth. Taking both guys cum in her mouth, Natalia lets it dribble over her chin and drip onto her tits.

Poppy and Lolly are joined by Karla for some three-way girl action in the games room with the guys watching. Lolly fills Karla's pussy then her arse with fingers then shows how she can deep throat by swallowing Poppy's then her own hand as far as the wrist. Karla and Poppy's attention move to Steve Hooper's cock as Lolly leaves, the pair licking and sucking to get it wet and ready for action. The girls take turns to ride Steve, fingering and pulling their pussies when they aren't full of cock. It's Poppy who takes Steve's pop shot. Most of it ends on her face but she manages to collect some in her mouth to share with Karla.

In a black nylon and leather top and fishnets Lolly is practicing prick swallowing on the dining room table. Her eyes water as she fills her mouth and has her tonsils tickled. Gagging she takes the cock deeper and deeper, the guy's balls banging on her chin as her mouth fills with thick saliva. Eventually he can take no more and pulls his dick out to fire his load over Lolly's face.

McKenzie Lee is in the shower and Mason is washing himself when Alicia. the last guest, arrives. McKenzie goes to dry and dress as Mason admires Alicia's tits. She drops down on his cock to show Lolly is not the only girl who can deep throat, then rubs his wet prick between her breasts for a tit fuck. The pair enter the shower for some wet soapy sex then, dripping wet, Alicia bends over to be taken in the pussy. Pulling her arse open Alicia then has some anal action before wanking Mason into her mouth.

The film ends with Poppy, Natalia, Summer, McKenzie and Karla with four of the guys in a group session. There's boy/girl and girl/girl with pussies getting sucked and fucked. Karla gets really excited leaving a large damp patch on the chair. The fun ends with a game of pass the cum, Poppy filling her mouth with cream then passing it from girl to girl down the line until Summer swallows.

This film has something for everyone and the performances from some of the best in British films are brilliant. The two hours plus just flew by, well worth buying.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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