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Released: 2004 (for DVD)
Director: Marcus Allen
Notes: Playhouse
Notes and Reviews

Nothing remotely kinky in these hardcore auditions, unless you think that a fiftysomething guy wanting to get into the knickers of some lovely young totty is unusual. Porn business veteran Marcus Allen gets first crack at wannabee pornstars who he's recruited personally. Occasionally these are the first performances of long careers, but for the majority they are one-offs.

The scenes date from the pre-Viagra days of the mid nineties and as Marcus generally has trouble in maintaining wood the actual fucking never lasts more than five minutes. Video and audio quality is variable and it is often difficult to hear the replies to Marcus's questions. The scenes are well-enough lit to see what's going on and they are captured by a static camera, as we often see Marcus fiddling with the remote control or watching the video monitor over a model's shoulder as she bounces on his cock.

From the R18 editions I have seen so far, these are the best of the scores of scenes released previously with good looking girls getting the full, if brief, treatment. Because of the length of the indifferent action - just 8% of the film is actual fucking - these DVDs are more of academic interest than trouser arousers.

Most of Marcus's girls are already on the bed, but here Reanna (as Shazira) is in an armchair for her chat. She makes herself comfortable on the bed, naked, and takes the pink vibrator before Marcus joins her for the normal sequence of cock sucking, sex in cowgirl, mutual wank and facial.

Pretty Tereza wears a black slip and hold-ups as she writhes around on the bed. Marcus removes her pants, lubes her pussy with what looks like Nivea lotion, and passes her the pink vibrator for some deep action. More theatrical writhing when Marcus joins her, then Tereza mounts him in cowgirl for a vigourous but brief fuck then a wank to climax.

Blonde Debbie, slim and long limbed, lies on the bed in white hold-ups, shirt open and skirt hitched around her waist. Extensive dildo action before Marcus joins her for a hand job, then she mounts him cowgirl for the briefest of penetrations lasting just 5 seconds. The pair then cuddle as Marcus wanks himself off. This is the sort of scene that starts the did-she didn't-she-get-fucked debates, but the view here is just good enough to say yes.

Giggly Kirsty is another chatty plain bird who lies on the bed in a white slip. She fingers the pink vibrator without much enthusiasm so Marcus joins her for another brief (2 minute) reverse cowgirl.

Minna, in red body and black thigh boots, performs for Marcus on the bed by pulling her pants aside and pushing the full length of the dildo up her pussy. But that's as far as it goes - in both senses.

Sexy European girl Kristen pulls her skirt and top up to show her tits and pussy then uses the pink vibrator for quite an arousing solo. Marcus then joins her and Kristin wraps her long smooth legs around him, eventually sitting on him, but there's no penetration. They remain entwined while Marcus wanks himself off.

Here endeth the second part.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2005

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