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Released: 2007
Notes: www.traceysvideos.co.uk, Tracey's Home Videos / Zuus Media
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Running time: 82 mins.

Armed with a camcorder and a fluffy pink cover for her sofa, Tracey Cheshire produces amateur videos featuring girls in and around the Liverpool area. Here she introduces bubbly blonde Liverpudlian Kate to the camera for her first ever film.

Looking nervous, Kate arrives at Tracey's house for her first ever shoot. With the radio blaring away in the background (as it does throughout the film), she is ushered towards the candy pink covered sofa. Stripping out of her net top and camouflage style skirt, Kate sits and fingers her shaven snatch and teases her tits. She turns to show the camera her arse and slips in a finger. Her hands roam over her freckled body. Stretching out, Kate uses the tip of a whip on her fanny. She reaches for the cameraman's cock. His shadow falls over her face as she wanks him. Ramming his fingers into her wet pussy, she sighs then guides his dick between her legs. The picture joggles and wobbles violently as the cameraman attempts some POV shots as he fucks Kate. The image only steadies once he has cum over her stomach.

Kate next turns up in a white summer dress and boots for a girl/girl session with Tracey. The two kiss, their hands exploring each other's bodies. The pair strip down to their knickers. Tracey kneels between Kate's legs and eases her tongue past her white panties. With a black vibrator penetrating her pussy and Tracey sucking her tits, Kate cries out "That's boss". Kate is about to put her newly acquired skills to use on Tracey when Tiffany turns up. Stripping, the girls set about some three way action. Breathing heavily, Tiffany jabs toys into the other two. She then gets to share a double-ended dong with Kate, while Tracey laps at the pair. Finally, Kate gets to bury her face in Tiffany's fanny.

Tiffany sits alone in a room, a vibrator buzzing away between her legs. Kate peeks round the door and goes in to help out. Settling on the floor, Kate licks at Tiffany's clit and works away with the toy. Undoing Kate's jeans, Tiffany works her fingers into her pussy. Moving in for a close-up, the mic on the camera grazes across Kate's legs as the girls tug at each other's clits and pop toys into each other's pussies. The stills photographer wanders into shot. Pulling down his pants, the girls play with his tiny todger, neither girl managing to bring it to life. Not giving in, Tiffany continues to suck on the prick. The girls eventually satisfy themselves with his fingers. Giving up on the stills guy, Kate moves to the video operator and gives him a blow job. Stiff enough to be of use, she turns to be fucked doggy. Rolling onto her back, Kate finishes missionary before he cums over her thighs.

Opening the office door, a bespectacled Kate sits with one leg on the desk and her hand down her knickers. Pulling open her striped blouse, she continues to wank as her short black skirt falls to the floor. Leaning forward, she licks the cameraman's cock. With her boobs out of her black bra, she spreads her legs and aims the cock at her pussy. The picture wanders off as Kate perches on the edge of the desk to be shagged. The cameraman quickly cums over her pussy. Kate licks every last drop of juice from his cock then smears her cream around her pussy lips.

After all the hard work, Kate ends up in the shower.

Tracey and her team have to be congratulated for filming and releasing true amateur girls onto the market. With Kate they have found a cracker. On the down side the video work at times is deplorable. Wobbling, bouncing and pointing anywhere but where it should. I also wish someone had noticed the camera mic was hanging down into view. This wasn't corrected throughout the whole film. A good way to introduce a new girl to our screens, but as the DVD cover says, the footage may be jerky.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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