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Released: 2006
Notes: Kick Ass Pictures, compilation
Alternate Titles
  • Tall Girls
  • Angel Long scene from Sweatin' It 5
  • Estella as Essy Moore, scene from 5 Guy Cream Pie 11
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 177 mins.

Kick Ass Pictures have been raiding their back catalogue to produce a seven-scene film starring girls over 5'10". The work all dates from 2003/4 and, as well as the British leggy lasses Estella (as Essy More) and Angel Long, Lauren Phoenix (5'10"), Rhiannon Bray (5'11") and Tiffany Mason (6'0") also appear.

Angel appears third up in a scene from Sweatin' it 5 along side Chris Cannon. As she exercises in the gym, Chris asks her a set of questions about her sex life 'game show' style. If he gets them right Angel does a forfeit, if he gets them wrong he does. With perspiration dripping, she flexes her muscles as Chris asks his questions. Roars of canned applause greet each answer... Angel likes her arse licked and using fruit in her fanny... Time for the forfeit. Chris starts to lick Angel's sweaty breasts then works his way down between her legs. She wanks his cock before devouring it. When it is covered in saliva Angel rams it up her bum. It's then back in her mouth. Bending over, Angel is filled from behind, her nails digging into her buttocks to pull her arse open. Her hole gaping, she upends herself to be pile driven. Chris cums in Angel's mouth.

In her shiny black split-side dress, Essy (Estella) is looking forward to being fucked by five guys. The best part - having her pussy full of cream. Outside, the guys draw lots to see who goes first. Essy strips, caressing her body and squeezing her DD tits together. Her pussy dripping, the boys gather round. Dribbling, her cheeks are forced out by cock as Essy goes from guy to guy. She pounces on the first cock, making her bed bounce as she rides. Rolling over, she is fucked doggy. It doesn't take the guy long to cum and his jizz trickles over her pussy lips. Essy bites her shoulder as she is shagged spoons by number two. Three and four come in quick succession, Essy on her back bonked missionary. She scoops their spunk out of her pussy before riding number 5 reverse cowgirl. Essy grinds on the guy's balls, moaning as he shoots his load deep inside her. Stretching her pussy it plops onto his thigh.

I have to say most of the scenes were at best mediocre, a couple suffering from sections of missing sound track. The Angel and Essy scenes were all right taken out of context, but Tiffany Mason and Lauren Phoenix deliver long lines of dialogue which made no sense at all. Tall Girls is a good idea poorly executed.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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