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Released: 2006
Director: Tanya Hyde
Notes: Harmony
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 114 mins.

Over the last couple of years, Harmony have been challenging the best in the industry with their films. With a cast list which reads like a who's who of British actresses and under the direction of Tanya Hyde, Kinky Bitch is another 'must see' eroto-fetishist movie, proving the Brits can take on the rest of the world.

Ben Kelly makes a break for freedom but is quickly caught by a PVC clad Elizabeth Lawrence. Down in the dungeon, Pete le Meat guards a fishnet clad Taylor who is tied to a chair with her legs spread. Elizabeth enters to torment Taylor. Tonguing at her clit and slipping her fingers into her juicy wet fanny, Pete moves over, flicking her pussy with his crop. Elizabeth watches as Pete releases his cock from his black uniform and, untying Taylor, slides it deep into her mouth. Taylor crawls over to Elizabeth and her tongue darts at Elizabeth's clit ring. Elizabeth pulls on a pink strap-on to take Taylor up the arse. Suspended on chains, Pete pokes Taylor up the bum, then swings her round to cum on her tits. Elizabeth turns her attention to Ben who is strapped to the floor. Sitting over his face, she gently rocks as her bum is licked. Then, ripping open his orange boiler-suit, she buries his dick down her throat. Ben lies motionless as Elizabeth lowers herself onto his prick and hammers down. Releasing Ben from his straps, Elizabeth lies back to be taken missionary. She cries for more as he thrusts into her pussy and arse, doggy. Ben can't hold back and empties his load over Elizabeth's bum.

In a barren room, Danny lies on a dentist's chair. The screen splits with multiple images of Michelle and Renee in their PVC. Lifting out Danny's dick from his poser's pouch, Michelle takes it between her lips. Renee joins in and the girls lick their way up and down the shaft, the tip of the cock sandwiched between their mouths. Michelle takes Danny's place on the chair. Her legs in stirrups, she slides a curved glass dildo into her pussy. The glass magnifies her clit as she moves it in and out. Renee dives in, her tongue lapping at the moist minge. Michelle arches her back as she groans with pleasure. Inserting a second glass rod into Michelle's arse heightens her pleasure. Removing the toy, Danny rams his cock into Michelle's pussy. Renee sits on her face to have her fanny licked. The girls swap. Renee kneels to be taken doggy and as the girls 69, Danny eases his cock into Michelle's bum. Pulling out, Danny cums on Renee's face.

Lolly, Sahara and Suzie rattle and rock on the bars of their cages, stopping only briefly when James appears in his long leather coat. The three start to masturbate vigorously, rubbing and pulling at their pussies. Sticking his cock into Sahara's cage, she starts to suck. Suzie pees herself with excitement. James shifts to her cage next as Lolly and Sahara piss through the bars. The three are tied up when Strap-On Jane appears. Slapping Lolly's bum, she works her plastic prick into Lolly's pussy. Sahara and Suzie get similar treatment. Thrashing wildly, Lolly tries the false phallus again. Suzie is a little more restrained. Sahara bends forward, her bum high in the air, knowing what to expect. Jane takes Lolly to one side, banging away at her gaping holes and biting her nipples, while James sees to the other girls who are 69ing. Lolly pulls her pussy wide to take the whole of Jane's plastic rod, then rams it back in her arse. James bangs away at Sahara and Suzie until he showers them in spunk. Lolly screams as she climaxes.

Pony Boy
In her riding attire, Elizabeth puts pony boy Ian through his paces. As they get back to the stable yard, she teases him with a flash of her fanny and runs her whip over his body. Ian falls to his knees to lick Elizabeth's arse. She lets him stand to take his cock in her mouth, as Natalie arrives in her red leathers and high heels. More pony boys are tethered in the stalls. Natalie chooses Jay and, fastening a saddle to his back, rides him around. Strapping Jay up by his arms, Natalie fills her face with his cock as Elizabeth spanks his arse. The girls move round, Natalie probing her tongue up his bum. Ian is held down by the girls, Natalie on his face and Elizabeth riding his cock reverse. On her hands and knees, Natalie is spit-roasted by both boys. She rolls on to her back for the fucking to continue. Elizabeth butts in. Jay fills her pussy with his fingers, then his cock, as Ian bangs at Natalie's arse. Opening her mouth wide, Elizabeth accepts Jay's jizz. Ian pops his load over Natalie's gaping bum.

Although Kinky Bitches has only four scenes and is shorter than some of Tanya's other works for Harmony, it is still a top quality film. The nine girls play their kinky roles to the full, with enthusiasm, and in Lolly's case lots of noise. Great care has been taken in the production, with the atmosphere in each of the scenes spot on. With careful camerawork and excellent editing, Harmony and Tanya Hyde have another winning film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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