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Released: 2009
Director: Fat Freddie
Notes: www.freddiesworld.com, widescreen
Alternate Titles
  • Knob The Builder 3
Notes and Reviews

Whilst sex is supposed to be fun, mixing hardcore with comedy is extremely difficult. Fortunately, Dave and his team don't try to and keep the slapstick humour between the scenes, making for a very enjoyable and sexy film. There's plenty of visual gags as Graham demonstrates a spirit level with real vodka and a vacuum cleaner strong enough to rip Tracey Lain's dress off (shame no full-frontal on that one).

The scenes themselves are cleanly shot by Tracey and well lit throughout, although the continual use of Freddie's spare bedroom as the location for all the places he's working does stretch credibility and is, frankly, boring.

So, for the first scene, Freddie and his mate Arthur are doing some work on a house under the supervision of estate agent Gabrielle. But when the alternative to work is shagging, there can be only one winner. Finding a bedroom in the property, Gabrielle is quickly stripped to her black woolly stockings and fucked on the bed by both guys.

In the second scene, Robyn Truelove makes sure her builders put in the hours. At the end of the day she gives them a very personal reward. Freddie and Graham have Robyn out of her clothes in double-quick time and, after greasing their cocks with her mouth, she gets fucked in the bedroom. Robyn takes cock at both ends and the scene ends with both guys squeezing one out by their own hands.

Lleia accosts Freddie on the canal towpath. He's done some work for her before and she wants some more. Unfortunately, she's short of cash so offers payment in kind - in the bedroom. Freddie accepts but is discovered in flagrante by Lleia's boyfriend. No worries though, as he's invited to join in. With the introduction of a younger cock, the action is a bit more vigorous and Lleia soon gets one up her bum and a DP. As her boyfriend nears his climax, Freddie calls for a facial but all the lad manages is to spray his seed over Lleia's pussy. Then, still hard, he slips back in for a few more strokes. Lleia finishes Freddie very professionally with her mouth, allowing Freddie's cum to dribble down over her tits.

Tanya is a new member of Freddie's team and is kitted out in the required boots, tool belt and hard hat. But as she's only wearing tiny denim shorts and a knotted shirt, it's plain she's gonna end up naked in the bedroom sooner rather than later. This time Freddie wants Tanya all to himself and the pair fuck on the bed, with Freddie managing to crack one off over Tanya's pussy.

Foxy, a fine-looking architect, needs a quick erection. Freddie and Graham are the men to provide her. Dressed as a professional woman, Foxy wears a shirt, black pencil skirt, black stockings and red suspenders. Very nice. There follows some good hard sex in the bedroom, including a bit of anal, and both guys manage to finish in Foxy's mouth.

With decent lighting, good camerawork and tighter editing from George Williams, watching these five young women getting fucked is a pleasure. All the cast seem to be enjoying themselves, with plenty of chat during the action, rather than the standard panting and gasping of so much US material.

However, using younger, nubile talent isn't without its issues for Freddie as we stray into Grandpa-Fucks-Teens territory. While slim Gabrielle wanted to be fucked by builders and not her estate agent colleagues, I'm not convinced she had balding, paunchy Freddie and Graham in mind. The rest of the girls all look very good and fuck with enthusiasm, but I can't help wondering if Freddie and Graham are still up to the job as they strain to bring themselves off for those final dribbly cumshots.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2011

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