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Released: 2008
Notes: Film Erotica
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Running time: 167 mins.

In these days of food scares and dodgy practices in restaurants, it's nice to see that Film Erotica have taken up the cause of food hygiene in their latest release. A team headed by Suzie Best sets out to examine the kitchens in the capital, checking chefs sausages for firmness and making sure there's no cock contamination between dishes.

Suzie starts her day with trainee Theo in tow, heading towards Steve Hooper's pub in the west end. As the two drive round the streets of Chelsea they admire and stroke each other's legs. Steve is expecting the girls and leaves them with chef Clark. Running through the check list, everything appears in order, Clark now wants to inspect the girls. His hands wander over their tight black knickers. The three kiss. Suzie slips out Theo's boobs to bite on as she's fingered between the pots and pans. Adjourning to the restaurant, the girls remove Clark's whites. Suzie samples his cock. Theo joins in, her tongue lapping up and down the shaft. Owner Steve returns to see how things are progressing. Suzie grabs the chance to feed his dick into her mouth. Sitting on a chair, Steve holds Suzie's hips and lowers her onto his prick. Beside him, Theo bends over the table to be taken from behind. Theo stretches out on the table to take Clark's dick. Suzie sits on her face as she's fucked, popping a vibe into her pussy as she squats. Swapping guys, Theo guides Steve into her pussy, cowgirl. Suzie gasps as she rides Clark up her arse. Clark is the first to cum, covering Suzie's tits. Jolting and jiving, Steve holds on for a little longer before spraying Theo's body.

Splitting up, Theo heads to a local hotel where her friend Jasmine has booked a room. Sitting sipping tea and chatting, the girls start to explore each other's bodies. Jasmine undoes Theo's white dress to see her sexy lingerie. The pair press their boobs together. Moving to the bed, Jasmine works her way between Theo's thighs and laps at her pussy. Swinging her legs over Jasmine, Theo settles on her face. The duo indulge in a long session of 69ing and end the day soaping each other in a hot, relaxing bath.

Spotting Clark outside his restaurant, Jewels asks him for directions. Clark is only too happy to help, especially when he finds she's also in the catering trade. Going indoors, Jewels removes her black top and crouches to fill her face with Clark's cock. Lifting her short black shirt, the chef fingers her shaven pussy and slaps at her arse. Bashing Clark's dick against her studded tongue makes him cum. Jewels smears his spunk over her lips and lets it fall onto her tits.

Justin has turned up to do an inspection of Paige's premises. He is distracted by Paige flashing her legs on a bar stool. Noticing a bulge in Justin's pants, Paige falls to her knees to investigate. Her tongue darts back and forward as she pulls out his prick. Working her way down the shaft, Paige teases Justin's balls. Unfastening her white blouse and stepping out of her short black skirt, Paige gets the inspector to probe her pussy. In a pool of light, Paige bends over the bar stool. Crying with pleasure she's entered from behind. Placing Paige across a row of chairs, Justin opens her legs to fuck her, missionary. Paige wants more from the inspection and eases Justin into her arse. Down on the floor, she's banged doggy. Finally, riding reverse, Paige ends with a bum full of cum. Dripping with sweat, Justin's seen everything he wants.

Applying for a waitress job, Jasmine is keen to impress chef Clark. Slipping down his pants, she pulls out his porker and pops it between her lips. Her tongue laps its way down the shaft and over his balls, as she savours the man meat sausage. Jasmine eases her bra straps off her shoulders. Clark caresses her boobs, before his fingers find her fanny. Sitting on the edge of Clark's desk, legs apart, Jasmine invites the chef to taste. He fills his mouth with pussy lips. On the floor, the pair roll as they 69. Jasmine turns to sit on Clark's prick. Holding her hips, Jasmine gyrates. Back on her feet, Jasmine is hammered hard from behind. She steadies herself against Clark's desk as he showers her bum with his cream.

The last call of the day for environment inspectors Suzie and Theo is Pascal's bar. Offering the girls a drink, he spills a glass over Suzie. Whipping off her blouse and bra, Pascal offers to dry them. The sight of Suzie's pert breasts gives him another idea. Sucking at her boobs, Pascal's hand works its way into Suzie's red knickers. Not wanting to miss out, Theo joins in the fun. Stripped, she takes her place beside Suzie on the bench seat. Pascal munches at her neatly trimmed muff. His fingers enter her moist hole. Suzie wraps her lips around Pascal's prick and she swallows. The teacher and the trainee take turns to be fucked by Pascal, doggy and missionary. Flat out on a table, Suzie squeezes Pascal's dick into her arse, locking her legs round his back as she jolts and quivers. Suzie gets more anal action down on all fours. Unable to contain himself, Pascal fires his load over the girls' faces. They kiss.

From a shaky beginning, Film Erotica have come a long way over the last couple of years and are now producing top quality films. With Kitchen Confidential they again break away from the standard, equal length, six scenes format, allowing the action to flow more naturally. As for the performances, Suzie Best and Paige have already proved themselves to be among the hottest girls in Britain. After her showing in this film, you can now add Theo to that list. Top marks to Kitchen Confidential and Film Erotica.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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