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Released: 2009
Director: Strangelove
Notes: Harmony
Alternate Titles
  • Panties Down USA title
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 232 mins.

There are only a handful of companies who can consistently produce quality erotic films and Harmony can be counted as one of them. Under the direction of Strangelove, a gaggle of British beauties are joined by Cindy Dollar and the American dominatrix Jewell Marceau, for almost four hours of steamy sensual bliss in Knickers Off!

The film kicks off with a stunning Cindy in a full-skirted 50's style red polka dot dress with matching shoes, tempting and teasing Clark and Jay on a majestic looking staircase, before taking the boys to a wood paneled hall for some more intimate action.

Besuited and bowler-hatted, Tony de Sergio and Ian Tait are being served pints at the bar by Andy Mann when the attention of all three is grabbed by the elegant Alexandra Cat. Wandering across the room in a long black coat and sky high heels, she carries a riding crop in one hand. One of the boys whistles as her coat falls open. She thwacks her crop against his bum and orders Tony and Ian to strip. Forcing Tony onto his knees, Alexandra wipes her pussy over his face and orders him to lick. Ian is next to be summoned. Alexandra wants his tongue in her arse. Andy joins in as Alexandra crouches. Surrounded by cocks, she takes hold of them with her black gloved hands. Her head moves from dick to dick. Each in turn is taken deep down her throat. Tony is first to ease his prick into Alexandra's pussy, followed by Ian. Dropping onto all fours, Andy fucks her doggy style. Changed into long black boots, Alexandra guides the first cock into her arse and rides it reverse. Falling forward, the boys line up to take her up the bum. Lying on a low red bench, she pulls herself open. Andy and Ian empty their cream over Alexandra's pussy. Tony pops his load in her mouth.

Her hands cuffed above her head and stocking clad legs tied to a stirrup chair, Elle is trapped as Jewell digs her red painted nails into her boobs and tweaks at her nipples. A hand slowly descends down Elle's body and presses against her clit. She wriggles as a finger enters her pussy and stretches it wide. Wheeling over a toy laden trolley, Jewell selects one and starts to tease. Turning Elle onto all fours, a row of large steel beads are fed into her arse. A huge silver screw is next to be used. Jewell twists it in and Elle's pussy lips ripple with each ridge. Picking up a plasma probe, Jewell watches Elle flinch and twitch as it sparks against her clit and bum. Released from her ties, Elle turns the tables. Strapping up Jewell's stocking clad legs, it's Elle's turn to torment. She squeezes at Jewell's boobs and tugs at her clit before holding a bulbous-ended vibrator hard against Jewell's snatch. With juices running, Elle stuffs a big black dong into Jewell's pussy. A second vibe buzzes away between Jewell's legs. A black clad Strapon Jane arrives, with a plastic prick at the ready. Elle is pulled onto the big black shaft and rides Jane cowgirl. Jewell lies back and takes Jane's phallus, missionary. Pussies dripping, Jane leaves two lipstick marks on Elle's bum cheeks, then hammers her doggy until she climaxes.

Nurse Robyn approaches her patient who is swathed in bandages. Her hand immediately reaches for his crotch and she begins to rub. Cock out, Robyn strokes and caresses. She's joined by nurse Tilly (as Jordanna). The two tug at the length. Ripping open his gown, the girls place a vacuum tube on the fellow's prick and start to pump. It soon fills the glass. Robyn sits on the patient's face, while Tilly sucks on his swollen shaft. Tongues dart over pussies and dicks as the girls change places. Easing the dick between her legs, Robyn moans. Tilly moves in and laps at the pair. With Tilly's legs stretched wide in the stirrup chair, it's her turn to be fucked. The two nurses 69. The patient moves his prick from pussy to pussy. Both girls go for some anal action with Tilly taking cock missionary and Robyn riding the guy up her arse, reverse. The patient cums over Robyn's bum and it drips onto Tilly's face.

Chained and blindfolded, Jay is guarded by Kerry Louise and Ebony. Teasing the guy, Ebony slips a hand under her tight rubber skirt and rubs at her pussy before holding the plasma wand against his rod. The girls lick Jay's length, getting it dripping wet, then spark the wand down his length. Boobs out, Kerry Louise bashes them into Jay's face while Ebony electrocutes his balls. Stripped to their stockings and basques, the two gag on Jay's spit covered cock before releasing him. Down on the ground, Kerry Louise plants her pussy on Jay's face and gets him to lick. Ebony eases his cheb into her pussy. Moving down Jay's body, Kerry Louise rides reverse. Nipples erect and tits swaying, Ebony drops onto hands and knees to be fucked from behind. The girls lie on top of each other while Jay moves from pussy to pussy. He finally showers his spunk over Kerry Louise's bum.

Knickers Off is a master class in what an adult film should be about: Great settings, stunning girls, imaginative camerawork and editing, sexy outfits and, of course, sizzling hot sex. Knickers Off is one of the best films of 2009.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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