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Released: 1994
Director: Steve Perry
Notes: Private
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This film, directed by Steve Perry before he became Ben Dover, is a classic of early 90's British porn. No plot, just a nicely-constructed situation, three girls on holiday in Spain with villa staff. Lots of sunshine and sex and a cast out of the very top drawer. French star Draghixa, who completes the female cast, possesses one of the best bodies in porn, fine performances from Gilly, Janey and Roseanna and rare b/g from Samantha.

Three likely lasses are off to Spain: Gilly Sampson (as Stephanie Hart-Rogers), Samantha Shamal and Draghixa Laurent. At the airport they pick up a jeep and head off towards their villa.

At the villa the maid, Roseanna Melendez, is being ogled by pool boys Richard Langin and Alberto Rey. Roseanna doesn't need much persuading to stop cleaning the steps and start having sex with the two guys. Some athletic action follows, which includes a cowgirl DP and ends with a facial. The cum is not dry on Roseanna's lips when the girls arrive. Roseanna has got into her dress, but the guy's need a cloth and a bottle of Cif cleaner to cover their embarrassment.

After some topless frolicking around the pool, Gilly and Samantha head into town for some booze leaving Draghixa on the sunlounger oiling her body. Holiday rep Janey Lamb arrives at the villa smartly dressed in a pink suit and big hair, she moves in on Draghixa. Janey has a pink dildo in her briefcase and a short lez scene follows.

In town Gilly is staggering out of the supermarket with her bottles when she stumbles. Eric Weiss and a Brit lad credited as Peter Allen, rush to her help and promise a doctor, but all they do is find a secluded olive grove where Gilly is soon spread on the ground in action with both guys which concludes with a facial. This scene is intercut with the continuing action at the villa.

The girls' goings on are spotted by Richard, who sprints round the pool tugging off his trunks as he goes. Richard fucks both girls on the sun lounger with some fine cowgirls and a doggy anal for Janey. Joint facials.

As Janey gathers her clothes and leaves, Samantha returns. Draghixa & Samantha find Alberto snoozing in the shade so they turn the sprinkler on him and attack his crotch under the shower. Richard, who's still trying to clean the pool, hears what's going on and joins in. More alfresco sex ending in in Alberto cumming over Samantha's bum. Richard, who's just had his fourth fuck of the morning, can't manage one.

After a short grainy sequence of the girls' evening out on the town, Alberto brings the girls breakfast in bed, only to find Eric sharing with the three naked girls. Alberto takes the girls out on a yacht with Eric and skipper Mark. Back at the villa, Richard and Peter are served breakfast by Roseanna then they have her on the table. The yacht is moored round the headland and the crew pair off, Alberto with Gilly, Eric with Draghixa and Mark with Samantha. The yacht and villa scenes are intercut. Janey has now joined the villa party and a foursome follows with partner swapping, girl/girl facials.

The final scene is a party where all the cast assembles. Roseanna kicks off the proceedings by pouring a bottle of champagne over herself. The rest of the action and partner-swapping ensures that all the cast have the chance to fuck those other members they haven't yet had previously. At one point all five girls arrange themselves on their knees around the circular coffee table and while they go face to face the five guys all pound away doggy style. The scene ends with a series of facials and then cuts to the girls leaving at the airport.

The whole film is clearly shot by Steve and Freddie Morse and filled with little bits of business, some of which are quite funny, which add to the enjoyment. Should be in every Britporn fan's collection.

Review by Bayleaf

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