< Lady Victoria's Training

Released: 1981
Director: Mike Freeman
Notes: Videx
Notes and Reviews

David Flint, in Babylon Blue, didn't think much of this film and one can only agree, while adding that Mike Freeman's recent stuff is much better. In fact, judging by The Videx Video Show, Videx films improved fairly quickly.

Lorraine Palmer seems to be a new bride (Lady Victoria) shown around the old mansion by husband Frank Lloyd James (an early incarnation of Frank Thring) while he tells her gruesome tales of the sadistic and masochistic practices of his ancestors. Kerry Turner as the maid stands around for part of this. I like a build up but this is too slow and with too many lingering close-ups. Eventually they arrive at the bedroom and he begins to undress her, playing with her pussy and says he is 'checking that you are a virgin'. He goes down on her and makes her call her pussy a 'cunt'. She is made to wank his cock and take it in her mouth. He completes her undressing and gets her to sit on his face. A 69 follows, though he is still fully dressed. He whips her with his tie, gets another blowjob and then takes her from behind.

Cut to the maid downstairs cleaning the grate and ordered around by Lady Victoria now dressed in rubber fetish gear. The doorbell rings and Lindsay Honey comes in - he has come to pick up Miss Owens (the first we have heard of her, which made me wonder if I had the full version of this film). He is told she is not there but he is asked to sit down and take a glass of wine. Lady Victoria sends the maid upstairs, gets Lindsay's cock out and gives him a blowjob. She hears a noise, goes to the door and finds that the maid has not gone upstairs but has been spying on them. She scolds the maid and gets her to suck Lindsay's cock, giving her instructions on her technique. Then Lindsay suggest that Lady Victoria joins in as well. After briefly doing so she removes her panties and rides him cowgirl fashion and then they both wank him to a shared facial - or at least an attempted one - picture quality was poor.

Cut to a shambolic orgy scene including Lady Victoria, Tuppy Owens and a brunette inserting something up Frank's behind and whipping his backside, Tuppy sitting over his face and peeing on it, the maid giving a blowjob. There are too many close-ups here and it is difficult to see what is going on. Certainly it seems at times as if the cast are having a party themselves rather than acting out an orgy while keeping in character.

Cut to Lindsay Honey bringing in a birthday cake and more orgiastic goings on too chaotic to follow. But it includes Lindsay fucking Lady Victoria from behind and then transferring to Tuppy Owens in the same position upon which there is an almost immediate cut. There also seems as if there is an extra brunette, unless it was a member of the crew caught on camera by mistake.

This was interesting to watch from an historical point of view, but if you want to see a film on a similar theme done properly, get the DVD of the Brigitte Lahaie vehicle Je Suis à Prendre made a few years earlier. However, in fairness it has to be pointed out that the French makers of that film had the huge advantage of not having to work underground. It was legal to make the film and legal to show it in cinemas at the time which meant a lot more time and money could be spent on it.

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