< Licks 53: Horny Movers

Notes: Amanda Charles Films, WB400
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  • Horny Movers DVD available AD0001
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running time: 1hr 50mins


  1. dance tutor
  2. taking a break
  3. bottle in pussy
  4. the shower
  5. pigtail
  6. sexy basque

proceedings commence with juliette muir, a dance teacher, nervously awaiting the arrival of one of her pupils - the beautiful rachel. juliette is nervous because she plans on introducing some new moves to her protégé - or, to be more accurate, making some new moves on her. yes, it's time for another round of 'cum dancing' featuring that perennial favourite 'the horizontal tango...

to cut a not very long story short, juliette's teaching methods succeed admirably, ensuring that the lucky viewer is privvy to various and extended scenes of pussy licking, anal fingering, sixty-nineing, as well as some dexterous dildology and no-holds-barred hair plaiting!

the nice thing about amanda charles films is that they allow time for the action to unfold. this may not be to everyone's taste, given the fast food values of much contemporary porn, but it does at least have the virtue of allowing the girls time to get fully acquainted. as a result, there's an increased likelihood of potentially indifferent performances morphing to genuinely hot action - as seems to be the case here.

with regard to this particular outing, it doesn't hurt that juliette has always displayed a certain enthusiasm for her own sex (videoangels V511 springs to mind) and rachel is certainly a worthy object of her attentions. not only does rachel have an extremely sexy bod but the sexiest overbite since the high-kicking days of emma peel! toothsome, indeed!

the picture quality, as ever with acf, is exemplary. it's a pity that there are no extras but hopefully, as acf continue to release new material on dvd, this side of things will improve. behind-the-scenes sequences, trailers for other release, biographies, bloopers, etc are always a welcome incentive to clinch a purchase.

all in all, for afficianados of girl/girl delights this is worthwhile investment.

review by woodgnome

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