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Notes and Reviews

Director Roy Alexandre

Credits - Lea Martini, Dorothy (previously listed as Dorthy), Nicky Jane (Nikki Platts), Belinda (Nathalie), Kirstyn (Halborg).

  • Girl has sex in the back of a limo with a man who looks like Wylde Oscar. There are frequent cuts to busy night time London streets, but the limo is left-hand drive, the girl's moans of 'Oh Yes' etc. sound as if she might be American. Therefore it is strongly suspected that this is a bit of footage cut in to justify the title. On this basis Dorthy is deleted.
  • Lea Martini m/f, anal, facial.
  • At Kirstyn's farm we see Nathalie being taught to ride a horse by a male and then they fail to persuade Nikki Platts to do the same. They move inside for m/f/f action, joined by Chris News to make a foursome. RC anal for Nathalie, shared facials.
  • Another Lea Martini m/f scene in the same room as often used by Dick Nasty in his British-based videos. Anal, facial.
  • Kirstyn seduces David Perry in the garden. They go inside for sex on the stairs, anal.

It seems as if this film was released to use up spare footage. Someone thought of the title 'London Nights' and then the first scene was cobbled together to justify it. The Lea Martini scenes were probably shot in Britain but are otherwise totally unconnected.

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