< Lusting London Style

Released: 1992
Director: Frank Thring
Notes and Reviews

British-made but French sound on this version. Stars Madison, Sandrine, Caroline du Barre and three British girls named as Christy Dawn (Sarah Walker), Linda Brown (probably Nicky Pearce), Julia Lodge.

In a mansion in London there is conflict over a will. Linda Brown is the maid and Lee Francis the butler. Frank Thring (Arthur Potts) is the lawyer who visits. Christy Dawn, Julia Lodge, Madison and Caroline du Barre are relatives visiting for the will to be read. It appears that Christophe Clark and Sandrine van Herpe are the 'lord' and 'lady' of the household. There is a lesbian scene between Christy, Julia and Madison. Linda Brown has sex with the butler and wanks him off into the milk jug then takes it on a tray for Arthur Potts to put in his coffee and drink it. There is a final orgy involving all members of the cast as well as other sex scenes between non-Brits. Steve Perry arrives at the end as the surprise Australian relative who is the beneficiary and the film ends with Madison and Sandrine looking speculatively at the bulge in his trousers.

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