< Lord Ralf nackt untern Kilt

Notes: DBM, Sex auf Rädern series
Alternate Titles
  • Lord Ralf up the Kilt English translation of title
Notes and Reviews

(German video set in England and made by the same people who made Tower of Perversities)

Two German tourists dressed in kilts and making a video, but not in Scotland, at Christmas. Their van breaks down and they go to a garage where Kelly-Ann is working as a mechanic. While one of the Germans goes away with a bloke to find parts, the first German shows Kelly what he is wearing under his kilt - nothing and she shows him what she is wearing under her overalls - knickers but no bra. There is then a sex scene and she takes a facial (first I've seen with her).

There is a brief scene in a lounge bar with the Germans and Kelly sitting around. A West Indian girl (the one in Tower of Perversities) is the waitress and she joins them when she is off duty. A short sex scene between her and the second German.

A blonde (familiar but unidentified, tattoo left shoulder, navel ring) is picked up in the street and has an m/f scene.

Hannah Coleman is picked up in a crowded pub and an m/f scene ensues.

Joanne Pauly shares a taxi with the kilted Germans and again an m/m/f scene follows to facial.

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