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Notes: Slik
Alternate Titles
  • Tanya Hansen's Licensed to Thrill
Notes and Reviews

A film with a silly spy plot, badly shot and badly edited. All sex scenes are quite short.

Cast - Tanya Hansen, Kelly-Louise (Katy), Donna Maria (Donna Richardson?), Sarah Love (the usual alias of Carissa Brown who is not in it unless this copied from satellite version was cut), Chloe Monroe, Sindy Heart, Laura Turner, Beverley (Beverly) Would, Beverley Cocks (Cox)

  • Laura Turner is secretary to the British spy boss, Marino. Sex scene to facial and Laura does her usual playing with cum act
  • Two British spies are sent out to Spain to meet Agent 006, Tanya Hansen. They meet her by the pool where she is working with her secretary (Chloe Monroe?). TH goes inside for a shower followed by one of the males and a sex scene begins. The other male joins them and then the secretary. Two b/g encounters rather than a foursome, both to facial
  • By another pool at the home of the villain, Donna and Kelly are making love, soon joined by the male for a threesome
  • Steve Thorpe arrives to deliver documents to TH but is seduced by her secretary, facial
  • Briefly Kelly and Donna have lesbian sex again
  • In England, TH, Bev Would and Bev Cox arrest the gang of five men. One runs away and TH pursues, leaving Bev and Bev to guard the men. They force them to strip and have sex with them. DP for Bev Cox, facial for Bev Would
  • TH and villain, anal
  • TH and secretary

Sarah Love and Sindy Heart are thus unaccounted for.

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