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Notes: Seventeen
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Like most Seventeen films this one has continuous background music (sounding somewhat like meditation music) instead of dialogues. The moaning of the girls' orgasms (or perhaps other girls' orgasms...) has been mixed into the music and is clearly audible.

The first five minutes of the film are filled with previews.

Scene 1: Paola. A naked girl with dark blond, wavy hair, licks her dildo and uses it on her pussy.

Scene 2: Rebecca. A girl with long black hair takes a shower. For a moment she is playing with her pussy, then she rubs herself down. Rebecca is Maria Glasgow.

Scene 3: Tracy. A naked blonde masturbates at first with her fingers, then with a dildo. At the end of the scene she is smiling happily.

Scene 4: Rebecca again. Rebecca/Maria visits Windsor Castle in a jumper, shorts and sunglasses. She picks up a boy there. The next moment they are naked and lying in bed together. They kiss and the boy feels her pussy. She blows him and he puts a finger into her pussy and her anus. Then they fuck, missionary, cowgirl, doggy and reverse cowgirl style. Finally she wanks him off and he comes. This scene would be the ideal sex education film.

Scene 5: Jinobca. A girl with long dark blond hair, naked apart from a smock hanging wide open, is licking a dildo. Later she uses it on her pussy, at first hands-free while she caresses her body. She uses a hand to operate the toy for the finishing touch.

Scene 6: Goldie. Goldie, a girl with long blond hair, is jogging with her boyfriend. She is wearing a white jumper with Seventeen logo and black trousers. At home they throw themselves upon the bed. Goldie helps her boyfriend to undress and starts blowing him. With his assistance she undresses too and goes on blowing. After some time they try sixty-nine. Then Goldie is blowing her friend again, while she works on her cunt with a giant vibrator. Of course they also fuck: missionary, spoons, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. There is an interlude, where he is wanking, then they return to 69 and missionary. Finally the boy is wanking again and squirts his sperm on her breasts. She licks the leftovers from his cock. Goldie is Jane Whitehouse.

Scene 7: Cat. A brunette in a white t-shirt and black shorts undresses and masturbates, at first with her fingers, then with a dildo.

Scene 8: Jenny & Cherry. Two boys pay a visit to two girls, one black-haired in a blue dress and with a blue bow in her hair, the other blond in a black dress. They make up two couples that start cuddling and undressing. The couples screw, lick pussies and perform blowjobs. They also swap partners. Both boys squirt their sperm into a girl's mouth.

Review by Middle_Aged_Dutchman

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