< Liquid Sex DVD available

Released: 1998
Director: Greg Hurlstone
Notes: Hi Gloss Productions
Alternate Titles
  • Dreamscape
  • Sex Dreme
  • SeXDreme R18 DVD available Slik, R18 retitle
  • Sextasy: Die Droge, die geil macht! DVD available Tabu DVD
  • Slik - Sex Dream You can almost touch it! R18 DVD available Slik
Notes and Reviews

Glamour stills of Tanya Hansen are included.

Apart from Tanya and possibly a couple of men the whole cast is British - Dave Wells (non-sex), Kris Knight (News), Mark Sloan, Johnny X, Aaron, Storme (actually South African but he does live here), Georgette Neale, Laura Turner, Sara Allum (Sarah Robinson), Beverley Wood (Beverly Would), Katie May (Katy). It is a top cast, but one which deserves damages from the incompetents responsible for directing, shooting and editing this movie - director Greg Hurlstone, camera Bryan Stirling, editing Bryan Stirling and Mac McMurdo make up this gallery of shame.

The theme seems to be some drug contained in triangular phials which give those who drink it erotic dreams. All the sex scenes are thus dream sequences. This is fine as an excuse to show sex, but it is not art. So why edit the movie in such a way as to pretend that it is art? No one is going to buy this for its (non-existent) artistic merit. People will buy it in the hope that it gives them a good wank. If it had been shot and edited properly then the girls involved would have done that easily and then some. But for what seemed like 90% of the time the picture was fuzzy and the movements jerky in an attempt to indicate that these were all dreams. To compound this atrocity to the beauty of the girls involved, the cameraman only managed to show penetration in close up. All medium distance shots (and there were far too few of them) were taken from such an angle that no penetration could be seen. Gone are the days when the porn punter wanted nothing but close-ups of penises entering vaginas. I was looking forward to seeing all the girls in action, but especially hard core performances from Beverly Would and Sarah Robinson whose videos are far too difficult to find, but this lousy and unprofessional direction, camera work and editing spoiled it nearly completely - they did manage to get a clear shot of Bev's facial for example; so I suppose we should be grateful for small mercies.

Tanya Hansen, at a desk, drinks from a phial and dreams of being dressed in fetish gear and being fucked (including reverse cowgirl and doggy anal, facials) by two men (one is Mark Sloan) while a third man, dressed, silly hat, watches.

A house in the country where three men (one is Dave Wells, another bears a disturbing similarity to Will Self) are sitting around, being served drinks by Sarah Robinson looking great in a maid's outfit. Laura Turner arrives in a limo apparently to sell them this drug, but demonstrates it by drinking some herself. She lies on a couch and masturbates while they fondle her and she dreams of having sex with Kris News in some sort of alley while a man in a small silly hat watches.

Cut back to Laura and the three men. Laura dreams again.

Storme is working in a farmyard, stripped to the waist, cutting wood. Laura and Beverly Would watch him. Bev approaches him and gives him a blowjob (which goes on far too long - some looping I suspect and too much of it in close up) while Laura watches and fondles herself. Laura is joined by the man in the hat. Storme fucks Bev in the reverse cowgirl and other positions, shown clearly only in close up, and she takes a facial. Laura comes up to spit into Bev's mouth. Why this obsession with spitting in virtually every film these days?

Cut back to Laura and the three men. Dreams again -

In a garage two girls are washing the limo with lots of water and a very soapy sponge. They are Georgette Neale and Katy (both wear caps at first). Laura joins in for a three-way and messy lesbian scene and, as in Lollipops and Sweet Chicks seems to like the taste of soap suds. The dildos appear and are put to use (anal for Georgette). The man in the hat watches.

Cut back to Laura on the couch.

Sarah Robinson enters the room and then leaves, but collapses in a faint at the door. Now we see what seems to be her dream as she and Johnny X approach the limo parked outside and begin to have sex over the bonnet. But they soon go into the spacious rear of the car and have sex with Laura and the men watching from inside the stretch limo.

Back to Laura on the couch. The three men drink from the phials again and we see the man in the hat outdoors on a boardwalk by a river. Cut back to Tanya Hansen having another go at the phial in her desk drawer. Dreams -

Tanya Hansen in the riverside location. Mark Sloan approaches along the boardwalk and they have sex on the steps of a hut to facial while the hat man watches.

A slight redeeming feature is the credits (which I watched in order to name the guilty men) - runners L. Christie, S. Coe; first aid H. Shipman.

Tanya Hansen is to be applauded for using so much British talent in front of the camera but is to be condemned for her choice of people to hold it.

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