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As the title suggests, this video involves large amounts of lubricant and in this reviewers opinion, it slips down very nicely indeed! In fact, the featured girls seem to need little, if any artificial aid when it comes to cramming a girls best friend into their pussies (and we're not talking diamonds here!).

There are 3 girls in 3 separate scenes but to describe each one in detail would be repetitive, because the premise of the video is so basic: the girls talk briefly to the camera about how horny they're feeling; next they fuck themselves by way of fingers and a dildo; eventually a tube of the eponymous gunge is produced and smeared over tits, pussies and arses; finally, they fuck themselves into the sort of state that we all like to imagine we leave our women but, er, probably don't!

The first performer is Vika - a statuesque, vivacious blonde (unlisted). The first thing to strike you about her (probably literally, if you're lucky enough to be in the same room) are her nipples! They are outstanding (again literally). They resemble not so much coat pegs as something you could confidently hang a suit of armour on! She has a leggy athletic build and a deep, sexy voice which compensates for her limited English.

She plays with her shaven pussy in various poses and is soon wet enough to make some noise as her fingers go in and out. As with the other girls, there are plenty of changes in position. Anal fingering also features. Eventually the lube comes out followed by a 12" dildo and a lot of the old in/out ensues and we're left with the impression of someone who enjoys their work more than most of us.

Next up is Candi [Sonia Lee] - petite build, brown hair with doe-eyed features and the sort of arse that would be wasted if it was just used for sitting on. We find her in a bathroom where she gets straight down to some sexy talk. The routine is what you would expect - pussy and anal fingering, plenty of lube and eventually the dildo comes out to play. Candi is very chatty and flirtatious towards the camera with an arse that is worthy of a show all on it's own. Another very satisfying scene.

Finally we have Deb X - a long haired, estuarine blonde with a slim figure and a bum that she is justifiably proud of. Let me put something to you: consider how many sex scenes you've watched in the misspent privacy of your own home and then consider how many orgasms you've actually witnessed, as a result! Debbie does her best to put this depressing imbalance right, by putting on a one woman cum fest! By my reckoning she brings herself off 5 times, although i admit it proved hard to concentrate on such matters while watching!

Yes, some women are capable of oscar winning performances when it comes to faking the big 'O' but there are some things you can't fake - i.e. pussy lips so swollen with excitement that they resemble Elton John's wallet (it's size, not the leather finish). This is a stellar performance and possibly her first one too!

She walks into a kitchen and immediately starts talking in a horny fashion, pulling down her dress to show her tits and pushing her arse at the camera. Within a minute she's stripped down and fucking herself with her plastic playmate. As in the other two scenes the camera gets right up close, putting her cunt in the foreground but still allowing you to see her face. This sort of context adds considerably to the viewers enjoyment. The routine is basically the same as Vika's and Candi's except towards the end, when Debbie doubles her pleasure, if that's possible, by DP'ing herself to a final, shuddering climax!

The standard of the girls in terms of looks and enthusiasm is very high and bodes well for any future series. Additionally, the camera work is excellent, which is not something you can say very often about Brit-based productions. Perhaps there is a tad too much emphasis on the wide angled close-ups, but in general the viewpoint of the action is kept nice and fresh.

As mentioned, the only anal action comes right at the end from Debbie and even then it's a bit cursory. No doubt this will disappoint some but whether this is due to the preferences of the girls involved (I doubt it) or non requirement from the producers, is moot.

Visual enhancements that would be welcome in future productions, are straight-forward views of the girls in standing poses. It's possible, indeed usual, to see videos full of naked females, without getting any sense of their overall contours. It's the basic shape of a woman that turns men (and women!) on, at least in visual terms; so it seems a shame not to allow the viewer a chance to enjoy an actress's physique in this way.

Overall, this video delivers. The girls are into it, the camera work is professional and the action is devoid of any longueurs which might make you feel you could have spent your pennies more wisely.

All things considered, a thumbs up!

Reviewed by woodgnome

Woodgnome's review omits a whole scene and material which exists on the DVD version of Lubed. From this I conclude that, like 'Lubed 2', the DVD version of 'Lubed' has genuine extra content.

The extra scene features Wendy, a Belgian redhead cavorting on the stairs. She strips to reveal an amazing pair of breasts and a pussy with just a tuft of hair and a clit ring. Wendy starts playing with two toys, but pretty soon the bottle of lube comes out and Wendy gets wet and sticky, just like the other girls. More masturbation follows, climaxing with Wendy shoving both vibrators in her pussy.

Also worth remarking on is, besides the usual photos & trailers, the DVD contains about five minutes of out-takes from the making of the movie. This includes Vika having trouble opening the lube bottle and several of the girls losing their grip on things because they are so oiled up, but the highlight is Deb X squirting breast-milk at the cameraman. Why this didn't make the final cut is beyond me.

Additional DVD notes by Mr Anon

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