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Released: 2001
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes: Big Top
Alternate Titles
  • Viv Thomas's Leg Sex Shoe Shop
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 107 mins.

In Leg Sex Shoe Shop Viv Thomas has combined two of his recurring themes into one film - large breasts and shoes/feet. The film has five scenes all of which involve busty Belinda as the manager of a shop which sells sexy shoes.

Sandy is passing the shop when something catches her eye. Inside Belinda is keen to help Sandy remove her purple snake-skin boots to try on some transparent high heeled mules. Sandy wants to see how the shoes would look with her new dress. When she is stripped, Belinda starts to lick her toes, slowly working her way up between her legs ending with her tongue planted firmly in Sandy's neatly shaven pussy. Belinda removes her sky blue dress and lies across three chairs. Sandy rubs her tits with her high-heel sandals, then gives her toes a blow job before burying her head in pussy. Reaching for her shopping bag, Sandy pulls out a vibrator which she slips into her pussy; she soon orgasms. Belinda satisfies herself with one of Sandy's new shoes, baptising it with cunt juice.

Mark turns up looking for a pair of sexy shoes for the wife. Belinda has just the thing - high-heel black sandals which she models. Mark takes a closer look, caressing her feet and licking her toes. Belinda teases Mark's cock with the shoes, asking him to show her what he is going to do with his wife. Removing her heels, she starts to wank his cock with her feet, using her toes on his balls. The pair strip and Mark is ridden reverse cowgirl, Belinda's breasts swaying gently. Turning to missionary he sucks her toes as they shag, then goes down to lap her lips. The session ends doggy style on the floor, Mark pulling out to fire his cream over Belinda's feet.

Vicky, in a tight rubber top and skirt is looking for something more sexy than the red knee length boots she is wearing. Belinda suggests a pair of thigh-high black boots. Massaging her legs and feet, she helps Vicky pull up the long zip. The new boots make Vicky so horny, she peels off her clothes and the girls start to kiss. Vicky lies on the floor, Belinda over her, working her boot back and forth over her pussy and getting it very wet. Giving the boot heel a blow job, Belinda wriggles her feet into Vicky, teasing her clit with her toes before having a red sandal used on her own pussy. The pair continue to work away till they scream with pleasure.

Belinda catches Steve Hooper licking a pair of shoes. Why not try the real thing? She lifts her foot to his face. Slowly Steve's tongue runs between her toes and along the side of her arches as she uses her red heels to tempt his cock. Unzipping his trousers, Belinda wants him to fuck her feet and wanks his dick with the soles of her feet. Steve falls to his knees to suck and finger-fuck her fanny, the pair ending on the floor where Belinda is taken doggy style. Moving back to the chairs, Steve sucks at Belinda's toes as she is taken missionary. He is ready to cum but it has to be over Belinda's feet. They get coated from toe to ankle as she fingers herself.

Natasha Lee is the last customer of the day. In a back-less blue top and pink skirt she sees just what she is looking for, but the price ... Belinda suggests they could come to an agreement. Belinda caresses and licks Natasha's feet before slipping on the blue high-heel mules. Lying back, Belinda uses her feet on Natasha's tits and her nylon clad toes wander down to her pussy and ease their way past her knickers. Natasha quivers as the toes are replaced by fingers and tongue, Belinda working away till she orgasms. It's now Belinda's turn to be pampered, Natasha licking and massaging her legs, working her way to her tights-covered pussy. Removing the tights for better access Natasha continues to lick at Belinda's pussy before finishing her off with her toes.

Feet and shoes are either a big "turn on" or "turn off". If you are a member of the first camp then Viv Thomas has produced just the picture for you - great girls in crisply shot hot toe action. If you aren't sure if "feet" are your thing, try watching Leg Sex Shoe Shop. By the end of the film you could be converted.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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