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Released: 1997
Director: Luca Damiano
Alternate Titles
  • Countess Gamiani
  • Gamiani
Notes and Reviews

DVD German only

Lea Martini is Countess Gamiani. Linda Thorens is the young and innocent girl inducted into depravity. Not being able to understand the dialogue, the exact niceties of the story could not be followed. Kirstyn Halborg is some sort of associate of the countess and Geraldine Martin is some sort of slave girl who spends most of her time naked at the countess's feet.

Geraldine is involved in a 3F/M scene using a strap-on.

Kirstyn bathes Lea and is involved with her in a scene with three men dressed as monks. In this there is a bit of CP for Kirstyn and both take anals and facials and Kirstyn takes a DP.

The final orgy scene focuses mostly on Lea and Linda Thorens but Kirstyn and Geraldine are involved, Geraldine licking cum of Lea's tits.

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